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Poplar trees strained to bend over at right angles. Animals Best travel China huddled with their backs to the wind, and truck loads of straw mats were being blown Best travel China off their vehicles. It blew for over an hour. But it was probably minuscule in comparison to the sand-storm which buried those three hundred cities in twenty-four hours. I had a chance to see some of these ruined cities of the Silk Road when I reached Turfan, five hours by bus from Urumchi in the Turfan Depression, which lies about 450 feet below sea level and would soon be an inferno of heat. It is known in that part of the Gobi as the land of fire.

After alerting Clements, George left to inform Susan and Daniel Holcomb, Jacob’s daughter and son-in-law, and his youngest son, Judd Crouch, who lived with the Holcombs. As George headed off, Ray went to check out the Crouch farm. What he found was horrific.

First discovered was Jacob Crouch’s body lying in the parlor’s alcove, his face toward the wall. Anyone might have thought he was peacefully sleeping if it hadn’t been for the blood coating his white hair and beard. There was a bullet hole just above his ear.

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