We all love hack posts. So here are some of my top travel packing hacks for, you guys. And gals let’s get started shall we if you are a folder place your more wrinkled prone clothes around your other clothes that way, it’s less likely to wrinkle better yet roll your clothes to help prevent wrinkles.

And to save space packing cubes organize your entire suitcase by putting your clothes into packing cubes now there is a variety of different sizes of packing cubes that, you can use there are compressible packing cubes meaning that, you can put your clothes in. And then, you can zip it close to compress it down even more there are dirty. And clean packing cubes.

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So, you can separate your dirty. And clean clothes packing cubes just help keep your luggage way more organized. And your clothes from being spread out all over your suitcase if you’re bringing swimwear with, you on your travels bring a bag to put your wet swimsuits in, this is a lifesaver if you need to change into a different pair of clothes.

And your swimsuit is still wet and, you don’t want to get the rest of your bag wet. So just as important as the way, you pack your clothes is the type of clothes that, you pack. And the materials that those clothes are made of, you want to pack more lightweight foldable fabrics if you’re packing for the winter time try to avoid packing your big bulky sweaters.

And instead think of base layers. And warmer smaller knits that, you can layer on top of each other if you’re packing in the summertime, you want quick-drying light fabrics that, you can hang up if you need to do a quick wash. And don’t wrinkle.

And polyester silks microfibers there’s a lot of different materials of clothing out there avoid cotton cotton is never good really in any situation also think about how you’re gonna wash those clothes if you have a lot of specialty items that require a lot of hand washing or separate wash cycles, it’s not gonna be very good to bring with, you on your trip. And travels because when, you do do laundry, it’s gonna be kind of a mess, it’s not gonna be very practical pick things that can take a little bit of washing machine beading mix. And match your clothing bring pieces that are very versatile and, you can make multiple outfits out of a week’s worth of clothing plan for laundry laundry will happen if you’re on a trip will hunger then a week.

So have a laundry bag that, you can put your dirty clothes in. And take to laundromat bring powders. I usually put that in a ziploc bag or little mini wash packages also having a portable clothesline is very handy.

So, you can hang stuff up in your hotel room or in your hostel depending on where you’re going or, you can just drape it over the bed whatever, you fancy for people who like to shop or if you just have a lot of relatives that needs two veneers collapsible expandable bags. So, you can get duffle bags. So, you can put all your goodies in there or, you can get de bags.

So these could be even be good for like little mini trips that, you take that, you need to look a little sy bag or grocery store shopping there are many reasons, you can need a collapsible bag just don’t put a lot of things. I could break in them because there ain’t a lot of padding. So.

I’m you’re checking that in for those carry-on only travelers that have a limit on the amount of liquids that, you can bring solid liquids. So, this is a shampoo. And conditioner that comes in a bar form, you just lather it into your hands and, you have clean hair there’s also barb moisturizer there are sheets that, you can have there a body wash.

And shampoo sheets. So the same idea they just lather up. And even toothpaste tablets that will foam up in your mouth.

And give, you a minty fresh breath. So no liquid restriction problems for this savvy traveler even if you are checking your luggage seal up all those liquids. And resealable reusable waterproof bags because liquids explode in your bag.

And it ruins your shirts. And it gets everywhere. And, it’s a mess.

So just seal up your liquids well. I hope, you enjoyed those hacks. And a big thank, you to Best Western for sponsoring this post got one more hack for, you by staying at Best Western properties, you can earn a Best Western Rewards points that can then be redeemed for gift cards to buy all these items for your hacks or for free accommodation at over 4100 Best Western hotels.

And resorts worldwide thanks so much for reading this post don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. And share it with your friends happy travels Oh.

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