We all gotta start somewhere that’s saying rings very true especially when it comes to travel.

So if you are a beginner traveler just starting out. And looking to go out. And explore the world.

I’ve put together a list of my top beginner travel destinations for, you guys. And gals. So, you are inspired to go out there.


And have some ventures of your own Thailand Thailand is backpacker beginner traveler Haven this Southeast Asian country is absolutely perfect for those looking for an exotic beginner travel destination as if, it’s super cheap almost everybody speaks English that you’re going to be dealing with in a tourism industry there are tons of other travelers backpackers. And there are so much information.

So many guides it is just a one-stop-shop for beginner travelers New Zealand. So newzealand is where. I first started all of my travels it is the perfect spot for beginners as there is.

So much infrastructure, it’s all English, it’s all beautiful there’s so many different landscapes. And things to do in New Zealand, you really can get a big taste of everything of all of it, it’s such a safe country to travel around the people are amazing.

So nice to, you. And, it’s a smaller country. So, you can get around super easily Australia now while Australia is actually a lot larger than, you think it is.

So getting from A to B takes quite a bit more time, it’s very very well developed just like New Zealand super easy to navigate the cities once you’re there lots of things to see lots of things to do a well-established tourism scene a well-established backpackers scene. So lots of places to stay. And eat.

And transportation methods to get, you from A to B even though it is quite a large country Australia, it’s just really beautiful. And all place to go visit hey Sully Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world in terms of tourists. So many tourists come to Italy because they have.

So many amazing destinations. So many bucket list items for, you to go. And see an experience all of these cities have dozens of tour operators they have a variety of places where, you can stay there’s.

So much information about how travel about Italy. And safe is in Europe there’s culture there is food really really good place if you want a European feel. And you’re beginner traveler Greece Greece has been receiving tourists for a very long time, it’s got everything kind of down pat where to stay what to do where to eat where to go they can help organize it, it’s beautiful, you can go on a boat, you cannot put a boat miss island like there’s a lot of variety.

And, it’s really good you’re looking for history culture Instagram worthiness food Sun chili no. I really wanted to throw a South American country in here in general. I find South America.

And Central Park’s of Central America. I should say not as easier for a first-time traveler, but not that they’re hard they’re just they’re easier places to visit, but Chile is one that really really surprises me now, it’s more of like if you stick to the main spot, you won’t have issues if you venture off into the like into like the smaller villages yeah, you might have some little bits might be a little bit more challenging jump Iago is a beautiful city it’s. I felt super safe there it it actually really surprised me how developed Santiago is as to get to some of, you other destinations like, you want to go wine-tasting there’s tons of wine tours around there there’s Valparaiso is just tons of Tours that can take, you out there the south is Chile which.

I also venture to course if you speak a bit of Spanish it will help, you quite a bit, but if you are looking for a South American destination to kind of get your foot in the door. I really do recommend Chile Switzerland. I love Switzerland Switzerland is.

So efficient with everything there are trains that run on time all the time everything is done to the tea so. I got four official languages in Switzerland, you got German French Roman ish. And Italian four languages.

And there are parts of the country that speak each of those languages more or less and, you get different fields. I know we’re in Switzerland or like Geneva is very French, but Zurich very German very easy to get around Switzerland there’s a lot of awesome cool places to visit. And not to mention there’s great hiking lots of hiking.

And things that, you can go out do. And see Singapore now Singapore is actually a city-state in Southeast Asia, but the primary language is English no, it’s actually four official languages in Singapore number one being English then Somali Malay. And Mandarin.

So, it’s super multicultural, but really easy to get around, it’s built up there is, it’s warm perfect weather lots of cool things to go do. And see lots of nightlife lots of food lots of culture lots of activities just a warm tropical part of Southeast Asia. I just.

I really enjoy Singapore the UK well one is English. So if you’re English speaker that’s always a bonus and, you have a bunch of different countries in the UK. So, you got England Scotland Northern Ireland.

And Wales that’s right all of these have their own culture they have their own sites, you love castles if you love whiskey’s if you love the Queen. I don’t know again with the transportation system, you should, this is kind of a running trend anytime there is efficient transportation it makes your life as a beginner traveler so much easier.

So much easier plus they’ve got lots of hostels to play seedy places for, you to stay. And and lots of different things for, you to do Mexico in certain places now Mexico kinda needs an Asterix here because Mexico is a huge country like there’s a lot of difference between tours Mexico. And authentic Mexico Mexico is like resort capital of the world.

I feel like. And in those resorts they offer a lot of activities or things that, you can do. So if you’re from North America for example Mexico is pretty cheap to get down.

And go to visits now if you stick to the resorts, you can kind of start there. And then venture out depending on your comfort level in how, you are feeling. So there is the whole East Coast in Mexico which of course Cancun the Mayan Riviera, you have beautiful all the things are beautiful on the West Coast Baja California side a little less tropical a little bit more desert II feel, but if you pick your places correctly in Mexico.

And your first time traveler is it great for like a week or two USA. And now the u.s.

loves tourism they are built for tourism in their big cities there there’s just. So many places to stay they’ve got things for, you to do like Vegas is a perfect example of a city that is just built to cater to visitors. And to tourists.

So if you are looking to get started, it’s really easy to navigate, it’s really easy to book things. So us is very big. So there’s a lot of different options west coast East Coast central Midwest whatever, you want to do the Netherlands.

I love Amsterdam Amsterdam is a beautiful city. And a wonderful city to go around. And travel if you’re looking for a European style again lots of English lots of culture lots of cool things to go do, it’s beautiful, you have the canals the country itself isn’t that large it makes open being really special.

And the Netherlands is just a really good beginner travel spot. So there, you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and.

I hope, it’s inspired, you to book your very first trip if you’ve never booked a trip before another quick trip before no seriously how many first-time travelers are there. And where are, you thinking of going for your very first trip let me know down below in the comments because. I’m very curious to see if you enjoy this post please give it a thumbs up share it with your friends.

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COCO for COCONUTS Koh Samui Thailand

That’s a lot of coconuts, you got under yeah Coco for coconuts hey see what are we seeing like Wiener ducks everywhere hey.

I was totally not ready Shona what what is this what what is, this is my new best friend puppy puppy all the important like the waterfall deep-fried ice cream. ?

CORN BEER Sacred Valley Peru

Good morning guys it is morning. And we are about to bark on our day three.

And our uphill climb towards machu picchu. So we spent the night here at the beautiful sacred valley as, you can see at the valley. And very sacred.

So we’ve stopped off at a teacher yet, it’s place where the make corn beer the pushes on my game last one shucks your last high voice did, you get high points did. I get we’re gonna go do some whitewater rafting all right guys. So we’ve stopped off at the town of Hoi An to try to look at some shops over there Yui deploy Celia tripled eggs not, you beat, you my god oh my god, you guys those are alpacas.

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