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A pop-up wedding is an alternative to a traditional elopement that allows couples to show their personality and style while getting all the benefi ts of a large wedding,❠says Nichole Young of Young Love Events, which specializes in pop-up weddings in Orlando, Florida.

Remember that scene in The Vow, where Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams’ characters wed with just a few friends in a gallery at the Art Institute of Chicago before the guards catch them? Bingo. WHY Æ Two words: Spontaneity and excitement,❠according to planner Cayleigh Hopkins of Hand Made Events in San Francisco. Fewer contrary opinions and less confusion mean a stress-free day that everyone can enjoy.â

WHO Æ Your honey, an offi ciant and a few friends and family that’s all you need. HOW Æ Hand Made Events plans a cocktail, engagement or birthday party, and couples surprise their guests by getting married right there (a la Parks and Rec). Or head to your favorite landmark and say your I do’s on the spot. WHERE Æ Hopkins dreams of the middle of Grand Central Station in New York City (above) or in front of the Sydney Opera House in Australia.❠Or, says Young, there’s always a crowd at the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, which would make for amazing photos and applause!â

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