24 Hours in Singapore

Quickly just before the blog starts we are in a competition, and we’re coming third place we need your help we need your boat, and we need your shares if you just go to the link below it takes less than 10 seconds please leap leap leap please, and share with everyone friends family dentist okay too always a little tradition check the calendar we’re not going to be coming back for. So many more months we’re gonna get married are you guys a couple weeks see you Danny yes me coffee stop the talk to my little man me alright thank you 6:21 one logical big friend see in a week’s time bye alrighty guys we are leaving her, and well Victor Nick mr. miss, and then we come back as mr and mrs. I see you nervous a little bit back at all stomping ground the first International Airport.

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Because the sample we’re actually going through all righty Singapore also it’s our first time flying scoot thank you so much here that the adventure begins see you later / see you, and what two-and-a-half months three months it’s going to be. So my own exhibit industries yeah have everything sorted aunty really enjoying these backpacks before we have so much luggage with us now it’s like my hands are free default which is very good investment that’s the oil also funny goes like in the wide-angle happy person everything a lot yeah thing about gum Singapore relative realize we do that set it on the live stream this morning. But yet what Singapore for the day are you never cut off food there for us which is super nice thank you how can just single-coil you thank you you guys are interested our super impressed with food for a low-cost carrier lot the legroom loved it, and now we have the cutest little ladies that is escorting up from our hotel she met us at the gate grabbed our bags took us through immigration, and now she’s escorting up to our car which is so nice only 3 a.m.

I’m so awake right now too. Because the adventures have begun just arrived at our hotel we’ve seen at the bulletin, and what an entrance hi good evening oh Hey oh my goodness I feel like we just stepped into like the Titanic or something wow this is such an incredible reception Wow guys we just arrived in it in our room, and look what they did. Because I found out it with them we were getting married. So they did this, and also they gave us little strawberries, and also says happy birthday. But it did say cook I think maybe they just didn’t have something to say with the wedding. Because it does say congratulations Stephen, and Jess wishing you a fun-filled future together that’s sorry sheesh with the bed is so cute how quickly go.

So, I’ll show you the bathroom before we go to sleep yes we’re going to need this in the morning desire. But sorry tired there’s also a giant bar little the bathroom was not oh my gosh think it’s like the quickest room to I’ve ever done it’s so nice here we actually have a 24-hour layover. So I was like we need to find a hotel to listen. So that way we could stay during our layover which is awesome. But it’s currently 3 a.m. and I think it is like a bed guys we need a selfie is it too early for happy birthday chocolate cake if you know, I’m Way too tired come on put the candle on come on I need to I need to have think, I’ll even tell family if they call the rise no it’s 3:00 in the morning guys, I’m so sorry I you’ve got to do it happy birthday to me every birthday Ricky we can do on our first coffee on holiday cheers Bobby I like it like that you got going on today we decided to come outside for breakfast we had coffee inside look at this view just Singapore just behind us the river is just there.

But more importantly let’s dig into some of these treats we are, and eyeshadow doctor you guys last night. But just how cute is this hotel if the insides of it you know you wouldn’t guys we just found a rooftop look at that view Hey Singapore alright guys we’ve now officially left the hotel room, and we are going for an explorer we’re just walking along the water here actually you ever see a hotel in that big building there that’s our hotel, and we’re walking along the water – what’s a cool spear to the marina bass man the Marina Bay Sands we’re like the gardens by the bay is the big durian which is just here, and then there’s like a big ferris wheel there’s lorina boost, and everything is so close to things like a 20 minute walk to the major attraction. So um yes that’s overdoing I feel like all our Malaysian viewers are just rolling their eyes of the jury, and right here when I first came to Singapore came as part of like a university study tour, and we feel like a tourism unit. So we went, and chatter to the tourism cause, and a big thing for Singapore is they have Formula one through the city at the moment we’re walking on the Formula one track when that happens I think it happens in about a month’s time they block off parts of the city, and they just have a race on the f1 cars through the city as you can see literally this is one of just the corners, and then that’s the view right there they have a concert that goes on, and then it goes all the way through the city it’s really cool actually really don’t like racing. But I think that’s great to be really unique to watch even to come down here, and stay at a place, and watch it you can even see the grandstands just stop there. So super handy our hotel literally just give you a phone with Internet, and phone calls international everything I know you’re right.

So you hear that GPS, and then, I’ll just googling like Instagram spot you can places great lunch by hundreds up, I’ll call it this bridge you know kind of this double helix great you know me I had to show you that look at it it is a double helix, and we’re almost at the Arts, and Science Museum yeah cuz we saw a really cool instrument far today, I’m not going to lie we’re not going to the art we go on this to the primary. But yeah this is the museum here, and it looks like a lily pad what I like here is this is actually the third time I’ve been in an art science museum first time we went to a Harry Potter exhibit which was amazing then when I took Jeff my sister went to a dinosaur exhibit now we’ll go on a future world. So we’ve now come to the shop it is one of probably the knife to chop you’ve ever been through, and we’re currently on the hunt for the food for this place is huge. But we can’t afford anything at the shop oh yeah it’s like good lurking they’re very firstly there are food for days, and designer fruit whoa this food court is so nice, and they even have an ice skating rink in the middle this is the coolest shops ever we found she do she is fun there it’s so expensive $36 for example example 78 singaporean mandarin, and just between the audio it’s pretty much $1 $2 in fact 78 Australian dollars just for that oh my goodness a while fruit is just oh my god scenic melon in 128 up in no way 100 oh no we’re either have each other. Because if I got healthy fruit $120 not all fruit is expensive everyone does say it’s the most expensive Asian country. But it’s still fine don’t worry all righty guys this is the world-famous Marina Bay Sands the infinity pool is just there we did stay there last time we went to Singapore three four years ago to be honest the rooms are pretty average.

But you’re paying six hundred dollars a night to stay at that pool which was amazing by the way I think, I’ll cut to some footage for you guys you can see us up there now two three four get my shoes, and a plastic seven they feel great I’ve got a shot laughter, I’m gonna do a lap do it again yeah if anyone is ever going to Singapore like Stephen what should I do this is the number one thing is to come to Gardens by the bay if there’s like semi-natural slash human-made rainforest which really reminds me of Avatar, and at night this looks incredible I think we’re going to show you guys what this place is like at night welcome to the gardens by the bay this place really lights up at night here’s you guys how futuristic, and cool does this place look it’s just starting to light up. Because the Sun is setting in about 15 minutes I think the thing that I love the most is the way they place the lights it looks like the trees are glowing like they’re the ones that are lighting the place up to end our night we’ve come down to Clarkie. Because this is where a lot of good food is, and this is all the choice we have hopefully find something good. So it’s like the street adjacent to Clarky Clarky just their waterfront. But expenses they just come down this road everything’s like a third of the price we’ve come found a veggie place it’s like $7 50 meals which is really good edge cafe look good look cute that’s kind of the menu if you guys are interested yeah hopefully find something young try the white cow cow same rice noodle kind of different types of pretty good feeling right thank you so much thank you all right guys. So excited that is the end we are officially blind to our wedding destination goodbye Singapore stop little Tom.

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