Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial Oahu Hawaii

Here at Oahu you have to pay a visit to the navy base and national historic landmark Pearl Harbor. One of the main things you can do here is take a boat out to the USS Arizona Memorial and there you can reflect and remember those who lost their lives. There’s a lot of names on this wall, it’s pretty overwhelming actually. The USS Arizona Memorial is actually the most visited destination here in Hawaii.

Pearl Harbor and USS Arizona Memorial Oahu Hawaii Photo Gallery

This is a pretty big place, there’s lots to see and do while you are here. I love how beautiful they’ve made the space. They’ve really incorporated nature to make it peaceful and calming and very reflective.

This is one of the anchors that was recovered from the USS Arizona. It weighs almost 20,000 pounds. At the many museums like the USS Bowfin you can see more naval and more history than almost anywhere else in the country. This is neat, they have the speech that Roosevelt gave after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Between the museums and the memorials I really have learned a lot about what happened here in Pearl Harbor, and I’m really glad that I made this a part of my visit to Hawaii.

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