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This horse was wild-eyed and foaming with sweat; Beijing Metro Map it raced past and was gone. Further down along the river-bank I came to Beijing Metro Map where a group of Kazakh people, in the process of migration, were coming to make their summer camp. The earliest arrivals had started unpacking their laden oxen but many were still on the move, riding on horseback and driving their herds of horses, sheep and goats ahead of them. Some drove cattle that were laden with boxes and bundles, rolls of felt, trunks strapped in A-shapes over their backs, long bundles of poles and an assortment of buckets. The widest load was on a bullock that carried a six-foot bed. One man was riding his horse and carrying five large bundles, with other packages strapped to the saddle.


Over the decades, as copper mining in Calumet declined so did the city’s wealth and population. Today Calumet’s population hovers around 1,000 residents, far less than its 25,000 during the city’s copper mining heyday.

It was late afternoon as Kat and I entered this historic town, our thoughts swinging back to the present. I slowly drove the car passed vacant lots and quiet streets. Calumet was almost a ghost town compared to its bustling days as the copper mining capital of the world. Glimpses of its former glory could still be seen in some of its remaining architecture.

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