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1655 Governor Stone attempts to regain his position. When his Thailand Subway Map forces engage those of the Puritans at the Battle of the Severn, the proprietary party is forced Thailand Subway Map to retreat after losing almost fifty men. Stone and his council are held prisoner for more than a month. Troubles continue until 1657, when Lord Baltimore and Richard Bennett of the Puritans sign a treaty ensuring general amnesty and the return of the original Act Concerning Religion. 1660 In an event known as Fendall’s Rebellion, Governor Josias Fendall meets with both his council and the lower house of the Assembly as a single body, essentially handing over the government to the speaker of the Assembly.

Lord Baltimore responds by appointing his younger brother Philip as governor of Maryland. Charles II’s restoration also discourages those hoping to establish some sort of commonwealth in Maryland. 1661 After King Charles II is returned to the English throne, Cecilius Calvert’s son and heir, Charles, becomes governor. He shares his father’s authoritarian philosophy and will rule until 1684, when he returns permanently to England.

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