4 Team-Building Trip Ideas for Tech Teams

According to the “State of the American Workplace” report issued by Gallup in 2017, 70% of American employees feel disengaged at work. Unhappy and unmotivated workers can lead to financial losses of up to $550 billion a year. And while most employers think their staff is heading for better salaries, most of them, especially younger ones, are looking for something else

Improvement can come in many forms, especially linked to payment, schedule, and benefits. But office environment is also highly important and making professionals bond can be notably harder when it comes to tech teams. Most online publications will advise for work related team-building activities, which will put to work techies’ curiosity and their practical abilities. But in order to build better relationships, people just need to spend time together and share some common meaningful experiences.
So rather than organizing competitive activities, a team trip is more likely to stick to the effective memory of employees. Here are 4 ideas for enjoyable and relaxing team-building outings:

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Big City Journey

Though not among the most affordable team-buildings, a New York getaway is filled with opportunities for entertainment. The most populous and diverse city of America and one of the main global business center, The Big Apple can become an unforgettable team experience. Workers can take a day or a night tour together and even a Liberty Cruise to admire the Manhattan skyline.

Moreover, there are 150 museums to choose from and some will surely appeal to a tech team, like the New York Hall of Science, the Museum of the Moving Image or The National Museum of Play. Companies can also search some work-related workshops for their employees, but it’s best to let them decide together a part of their schedule. Further on, riding bikes in the green oasis called Central Park or watching a classic at Film Forum on Houston Street are pleasurable and relaxing activities. The trip can end with a nice dinner in the quirky Brooklyn eateries or a Broadway show.

To make sure the team sees everything- find a touring service like TopView NYC that can offer you competitive prices on tours around the entire city.

Travel for Adrenaline

Businesses want their workers to be adaptable and inspired, but how can they cultivate these traits in their crews? An adventurous team-building will encourage participants to get out of the comfort zone together and overcome some fears. The options are countless, from off-road races to flying and diving. Quad bike obstacle course and off-road buggies race are engaging and funny, while jet boating and skydiving will involve more adrenaline among team members. Kayaking can be an intense outdoor adventure, but there are also less physically demanding options like archery and clay target shooting. The intense feelings experienced together will make employees feel closer to each other.

Explore Together

There is no better occasion for colleagues to get to know one another than an outdoor journey where they can explore and enjoy together the beauty of nature. Depending on the location of the company and on the available resources in terms of time and money, different types of getaways can be organized. Hiking and mountain camping will determine workers to help each other climb, wait for each other and collaborate on simple non-work-related tasks, like setting a tent or cooking dinner. But there are also more comfortable possibilities, like an ocean or river day cruise that can involve fishing and diving or a weekend at a ranch. Many event companies have special retreat offers that include sporty activities, but companies can also survey their teams and decide a customized program based on their likings.

Out of Office for a Good Cause

Volunteer outings are not as fun as hiking and out-of-town escapes, but they are definitely the most rewarding for any type of employer. Collaborating on a project meant to help others will give teams a sense of common purpose and will motivate them to search for the best solutions to work together, a thing that will later help in their office work. Also, they have the chance to discover new abilities. Environmental-friendly tasks like tree planting have many benefits: workers enjoy a day outdoors, get some healthy exercise and the product of their effort is there to last for hundreds of years. Social work is also deeply humanistic and highly engaging. Employees can volunteer together at a retirement home, a refugee center or organize a charity event.

Out-of-office team buildings will hopefully generate a wave of enthusiasm among employees and the atmosphere at the office will be warmer for a while. However, managers have to keep the good vibes among their teams. It’s good to reinforce the friendly feelings soon after a successful team-building with smaller relaxing events, like picnics, happy-hours and out-of-the-box meetings, focused not on only on establishing goals, but also on celebrating recent achievements. This way, the efforts of organizing a team-building will have positive long-term effects.

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