6 Travel Destinations You Should Explore in 2018 for Some Real Adventure

Most travel tours offer a splash of excitement and fun, but if it’s heart-racing adventures you want, try something different from the regular vacation destinations.

Travelling is so much more than simply getting to a new place. Whether you want to be among the first to discover the next big travel destination or choose to explore a hidden gem in the natural world, tour experts agree these are some of the places you can’t afford to miss if you’re looking for the ultimate adventure for your next vacation.

6 Travel Destinations You Should Explore in 2018 for Some Real Adventure Photo Gallery

1. The Serengeti, Tanzania

If you’re a fan of wildlife documentaries, you’ll have probably seen some action-packed Serengeti scenes on television. Though your heart might thump watching a giant male lion lurk in the tall grass, ready to pounce on gazelles or gape in wonder as an incredible nine-foot python squeezes the life out of a juvenile crocodile, nothing beats the live experience.

OK, so you won’t have to get too up close and personal to extreme scenes like these, but a safari ride with your tour group and trained guide on this 5,700-square-mile wildlife park offers the chance to catch a rare glimpse of the spotted hyena, baboons, zebras and gazelles, to name just a few. The Serengeti is famously home to the Great Migration, in which millions of animals move together in search of food and breeding grounds.

2. The British Virgin Islands

The sandy beaches and aquamarine waters that circle this Caribbean destination look like something straight out of a Disney film. It’s a stunning sight, which can only really be appreciated when visiting in person and experiencing the magical reality for yourself. What really sets the British Virgin Islands (a chain of 60 islands) apart is the element of exclusivity and luxury that can be felt all around you. Unlike many other islands, this slice of paradise isn’t crowded with mega resorts and cruise ports.

3. Cape Verde Islands

Have you always been fascinated by the exotic cultures of places such as Brazil, Africa and Iberia? Cape Verde Islands offer you a pleasant surprise with a blend of all of these influences, topped off with fantastic weather and incredible scenery. Located off the coast of West Africa, Cape Verde (a 10-island Atlantic archipelago) is slowly becoming a luxury vacation hub for tourists looking to add a little spice to their holiday experience.
Enjoy pristine beaches and outdoor adventures with a potpourri of local and foreign influences – dating back to the 15th century when Portuguese explorers landed on the Virgin Islands – all beautifully merged into one unique culture.

Cape Verde Islands are popular for their melodic music heritage (called morna) and dance. In the distance, you’ll see volcanic peaks, which provide a scenic background to the archipelago’s beaches and bays, waterfront towns and hiking trails that snake across the lava fields. While you’re here, don’t forget to taste the local rum (grogue), and listen and sway whichever way you desire to the sentimental rhythms of the morna folk tunes, sung in the local kriolu dialect.

4. Pyeongchang, South Korea

Not to be confused with Pyongyang in North Korea, Pyeongchang in South Korea is our next tourist interest.

This beguiling city has now become even more popular after it hosted the just concluded 2018 Winter Olympic Games (February 9th to 25th).

Even if you were not a participating athlete, you should certainly add Pyeongchang to your winter holiday list. For those in the know, this little-known mountain region in the east of the country has for many years been Asia’s best kept ski secret.

Although you shouldn’t expect to see the dramatic mountain peaks that dot the north of Japan, the ski and snowboard scene in Pyeongchang offers something distinctly Korean, with its modern, mid-sized resorts, which are popular for their impressive slopes and fast lifts. Add some night skiing (open until 2.30am), a uniquely Korean soju beef delicacy and plenty of K-Pop to go with it, and you have a snowy holiday paradise you simply won’t be able to get enough of.

Of course, hosting the winter Olympics means facilities have been further upgraded and travelling to, from and around the city has become even easier. Some of the new improvements include a high-speed train line which can whizz visitors from and to capital city, Seoul, in just over an hour.
There’s also been an influx of restaurants, hotels and modern roads, in addition to recent high-tech language translation apps, plus travel guides, which ensure you don’t experience any communication barriers and don’t miss out on any part of the adventure.

Don’t forget to get in the thick of the post slopes action; you can enjoy a pampering session with a jjimjilbang (a spa/sauna/bathhouse) to soak and relax your sore muscles, so you’re back in perfect shape for the next day’s adventure.
5. Viñales, Cuba

If you love the vintage lifestyle, you’ll love Viñales in Cuba. Watch classic cars cruise past on colourful streets and lush countryside. It’s like the perfect canvass for an art masterpiece which brings the golden past back to life.

In this enthralling ancient town, you can travel back in time and be serenaded by the culture, music and dance from the days of yore, late into the night. Then, indulge your taste buds with some delicious home-cooked meals at Casa Dovales. Next, take a leisurely walk to the Mural de la Prehistoria and be amazed by the picturesque images of colorful towns, nestled at the foot of the hills.

6. Lake Baikal, Russia

The frozen waters of Lake Baikal in Russia could easily top the list of the world’s most breathtaking sceneries in 2018. It doubles as the world’s deepest lake and largest freshwater lake. The truth is, your camera lens won’t be able to capture its sheer wonder, nor can this article, like any visit would. It’s simply breathtaking!

If you’re looking for that extra excitement on your next travel tour, these holiday destinations should certainly be at the top of your list.

But while you get set for a travelling adventure like no other this year, don’t forget to always keep fresh and clean on the road to maintain your health, improve your spirits and ensure other travellers and locals are not put off by your unkempt look and bad smell from a bus or trekking tour.

To maintain travel freshness, pay good attention all of the time to your mouth, face, hands, body, clothes and, yes, your mind. Make sure to keep them in perfect condition. A few useful suggestions is to pack some extra quality toothbrushes and toothpaste, use bottled or treated water only (especially if you’re unsure about the safety of the water in the area), and keep the sugar on the down low.

According to oral care specialist, Dr. Cecil Luong of Tigersmile family dentistry, “It’s not uncommon to lose a toothbrush on a trip and often the ones furnished by the hotel are either too hard or too soft for your gums. So, to stay covered, it’s a good idea to pack a few more toothbrushes – one in your backpack or purse, and one in your checked bag.”

She adds that while vacationing might sound like a good excuse to treat your taste buds to a variety of regular and exotic meals, a traveller needs to be careful about sugar-laden treats. “Sugary foods can damage your teeth and gums, so keep it to a minimum,” she concluded.

With all of that taken care off, you can very well go ahead to enjoy a great holiday adventure!

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