The 7 Camping Essentials You Never Want to Leave Home

Woo hoo! It’s camping time! It’s time to enjoy fresh air, nature, wildlife, and new adventures. Are you ready? If not, it’s time to get packing and head to the great outdoors!

What to Pack for Your Camping Adventure

Of course, everybody’s idea of camping is different. Some people prefer braving the wilds with just the gear they can carry. Other folks, like glamping–you know, a nice big tent or RV and lots of extras. But whatever your style, there are some essential pieces of gear every camper needs.

Each campsite should have supplies to provide every member of your group with food, water, and shelter. Also, you’ll need emergency and first aid supplies.

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Depending on where you intend to camp and how long you plan to stay, you may also want to bring cooking and cleaning supplies and bedding. But job one is to ensure that you have packed your essential survival gear.

Here are 7 absolute essential camping items that you should never leave home without:

1. Water 

At a minimum, you will need 1 gallon of water per day per person when camping. You may not need to carry that amount of water if you are camping near a clean water source. But don’t count on always having access to clean water. Bring a water filtration system along as a back-up.

2. Food

If you are planning to hike to your campsite, you’ll need plenty of calories. Some campers recommend taking a jar of peanut butter or other high-energy food along to supplement your needs. Make sure you bring foods that provide a balance of proteins and carbs to keep you going.

3. Emergency and First Aid Kit

When selecting a first aid kit, choose one designed with campers in mind. You’ll want a kit that is equipped with sufficient supplies to handle an emergency. Consider a kit that includes rope, flares and a thermal blanket.

4. Matches and Firestarters

You never have enough matches on a camping trip. Wrap several matches or fire starting kits in watertight packaging and distribute them throughout your gear.

5. Reliable Light

Camping can be unpredictable. Stumbling around your campsite in the dark can be pretty dangerous. So make sure you take a good light source with you to your campground. Even if you are traveling by RV, a powerful headlamp, like Outback Headlamps, can sure come in handy if you need to do some late night maintenance.

6. Solid Knife

A good, strong pocket or camping knife is an essential tool for campers. This ‘jack of all’ device can help you mark your trail, cut rope or vines and serve as a screwdriver or can opener in a pinch! In fact, pack more than one. You’ll thank yourself later.

7. Maps and Compass

Finally, you can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where that is. Discovering new territory is one of the great things about hiking and camping. But you always want to be sure you can find your way back home.

Consider wearing your compass on a wristlet or carabiner to keep it close at hand. To keep your maps in good condition, pack them in a waterproof pouch.

So there you have it, your “don’t leave home without it list” for your next camping adventure.

Are you ready to get packing? Adventure awaits!

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