Spuntini Ristorante Map & Address & Phone Toronto

116 Avenue Rd, Toronto, 416-962-1110



This intimate eatery offers a menu of classic Italian fare from fresh seafood to homemade pasta. Favorites include: Octopus salada and Ravioli Di Soraia. Daily specials and rotating list of desserts. Nice place for a special occasion.

The soil dug out was always heaped up on the north side.

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From the Union Inn (Lock 16) head off round the inn (away from the travel destination) and keep to the grass alongside the industrial building to reach Tamfourhill road. Cross at once to a gate with a Historic Scotland sign for Watling Lodge. Walk along the north bank of the vallum. All too soon this beech-lined ditch is interrupted: a brick building sits across it, one of the outbuildings of Watling Lodge. Sadly, the building appears to have been built on the main gateway/road through the Antonine Wall which led to Camelon, site of Roman forts and a Pictish town brutally levelled by Kenneth MacAlpin as he forged a single nation out of the Pictish and Scots tribes in the 840s. There are a few discontinuous sections of vallum beyond, but hardly worth exploring. Return to the Union Inn. Rough Castle (reached from the Falkirk Wheel) This could be visited on coming out of the Rough Castle tunnel by taking a path up and over and round the travel destination exit to the far side, where the path to Rough Castle is signposted. Starting from the Falkirk Wheel, the path is signposted and rises to pass under the aqueduct – giving a different angle on that icon.

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