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Immediate Postquake Conditions Total chaos best describes conditions in the areas Toronto Map affected by the earthquake. Basically, more than 2 million people were milling about in search of Toronto Map food, water, and places to sleep. Even if their houses survived, many Haitians were afraid to return home, in fear that the structures might collapse from an aftershock. The Haitian government was totally unprepared to take charge and respond in a positive manner to such a huge disaster. There was total confusion over who individuals, agencies, governments was in charge of the relief effort. In the absence of strong organizational leadership from the Haitian government, many groups adopted a Lone Ranger approach.

Our guide for the evening was Wendi Fournier, Advertising and Promotions Manager for The Whiting. After introductions, she took us on a tour of the facility telling us some of the ghostly stories.

Wendi Fournier, Advertising and Promotion Manager took us on a tour of the building.

A few staff members, while alone in the theater, have reported hearing voices and loud footsteps down the empty corridors and stairways. Similar sounds have also been heard on the lower balcony.

Most reports, however, seem to focus on the stage. Several full-body apparitions have been seen and disembodied voices heard. As Wendi explained, there was a cleaning person who, late one night, came onto the stage and saw a full-body apparition in the doorway just to the right of the main floor. He was wearing workman’s clothes. They believe it may have been the worker who fell to his death during construction.

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