The art of persuasion now one of the most common challenges travelers face when planning a new trip is usually somebody else standing in their way trying to prevent them from actually going out.

And traveling and. I know this because on my first ever solo trip Issac convinced my parents to let me move to New Zealand for one year only knowing one other person I’d met online step number one convince yourself. So assume that them holding, you back isn’t a factor are, you a hundred percent convinced that, you want to go travel no.


I’m serious like, this is a serious question of course everyone says they want to go travel, but are, you really ready to go travel are, you ready to make the sacrifices. And give up things. And plan.

And do put the work in to go. And make this a reality are, you mentally prepared for leaving the comforts of your home. And for spending that much time if you’re going for a longer time away if you’re still in the sense maybe right now isn’t the perfect time for, you to go on this trip.

And maybe, you need to just give yourself a bit more time. And the person who’s holding, you back a bit more time as well one important thing for, you to think of is why do, you want to go are, you there to try. And learn about new culture new history do, you want to meet new people, you just want to see another part of the world or trying new foods what is it is your reasoning behind why, you want to go because before, you submit anybody to let, you do something, you got to convince yourself.

And he does set on trying to make this happen step 2 educate yourself, you cannot convince anyone of anything if you don’t know all the facts. And if you don’t have all the answers to all the questions. And concerns that they’re going to ask you.

So we’re going to make a list of all the questions that, you have. And all the concerns that, you have. And then we’re going to start reading.

And we’re going to start doing research. And we’re going to become experts on our trip our future trip everything there is to know about it such as where do we want to go we need to know facts about the country or the city or the place knowledge is general no visa required who do we want to go with are we going to go solo are we going to travel with friends are we going to do a possible group tour. And meet up with people when do we want to go.

And how far away from now in one month time six months time maybe in two years for how long is there going to be a week a month six months how much is it going to cost have, you looked up flights accommodation transportation food costs tour cost additional spending money costs for the whole duration of that trip have, you calculated all down written in a spreadsheet. And have an approximate number of how much money we’re going to need. And how will, you pay for it are, you going to save up do, you already have savings is it going to be a working holiday or are, you possibly trying to get help financially from this person you’re trying to convince, you need to educate yourself.

And know all of these answers. So that, you can have a better understanding a clearer picture of what, it’s going to take to put this trip together not only that you’re going to feel so much more comfortable.

And confident in yourself because, you have these answers. So that’s going to make it much easier to convince somebody else to let, you go on this trip. So after you’ve done all the research, it’s time to move on to step number three step number three educate them before we bake.

And we ask. And we plead we need to present our ideas in a well-thought-out plan. So start by bringing up the idea.

And is instantly jump into the facts because facts. And research are your friend now imagine it like a school presentation or a work presentation, you need to present to them your facts your chart your spreadsheets. And all of the answers to every possible question that they’re going to ask, you write it up in a Word document a PDF a PowerPoint presentation just get it onto paper.

So that can help, you verbalize it a lot better because just keeping it in your head, it’s really easy to get tripped up in your thoughts when you’re confronting someone one-on-one. And trying to persuade them give them documents to show them that this isn’t just some afterthought, this is a well calculated plan that you’ve been doing a lot of research in. And given it a lot of thought.

And that, you are dead serious in trying to make this happen step 4 convince them now that they have all the facts they’re going to have some questions think of all the possible questions they’re going to ask, you or have already asked, you before writing down. And how the answer is prepared in advance. So, you know all of those answers to them give them all of the reassurance that, you can that, you know what, you are doing because you’ve done the research, you do know what, you are doing because that was what step 1.

And step 2 was all about. So that, you know what, you were getting yourself into give them examples do, you have any friends that have traveled or do they know anyone that’s travel do, you have anybody in your maybe your family that has done any sort of trip that, you could use as an example if they are objecting ask them why. And really ask them why get an answer for them don’t just take no for an answer, you need to get an actual reason why they don’t want, you to do this trip.

And then take that answer. And see if, it’s maybe something that can be fixed can tweaking the plan make that answer change can it make it go away is there something, you can do to reassure that person that we can make this objection nullified. And the timing watch out for the timing of when, you are going to bring this idea up to them.

And give them enough time. So they can really think they can take the papers the documents that, you present it to them back. And ingest it.

And really think about it don’t just spur last-minute on them or spur it when they’re in a in a crappy mood after a little process be nice stay calm. And be confident step 5 compromise sometimes our plans are a little bit too ambitious. And sometimes the people objecting us have very valid points that’s why, it’s important to listen.

And hear out all of their cancer earns. And objections. And see well is that an actual genuine objection is that an actual genuine concern that they are worried about there might be questions that, you still need to do research about.

I mean there’s probably at least a few things, you have a Szabo collectively figure a way to negotiate into making this trip work because there are multiple ways to execute any idea if they are truly the one stopping, you and, you cannot go without their permission, you try. And meet them halfway or 2 3 of the way or 7 8 of the way that is not a failure that is still success landing verse six runs on a solo backpacking trip is a little bit hard to convince anyone to let, you go especially if you’ve never done it before. So maybe instead try a week-long solo group tour.

And see how they feel about that, you know once you’ve got some smaller more easier project under your belt, you can ease them into allowing, you to do the bigger projects once they see that, you are responsible. And you’re safe they’ll be a lot more inclined to let, you do those bigger more adventurous trip. And sometimes there are just hard notes like places they just don’t want, you to go or budget or timeframes.

And then, you just have to kind of switch your plans the world is freaking huge there are so many options. So many things, you can do.

So many places that, you can go if they just don’t want, you to go to someplace or for a certain period of time maybe, you just sense this isn’t the right time for, you to do that trip. And just pick a different trip the world is huge there’s a lot of options out there sometimes all it takes is a bit of patience. And persistence maybe later on they’ll open up to that trip, but right now, it’s just not happening.

So let’s do a different trip. And there may be ok with that. And last step 6 inception.

I’m just kidding there is no step 6. I mean if you do manage inception which is making them think, it’s their idea for, you to go travel well hats off to, you well. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

And, it’s going to help, you in your mission of trying to persuade whoever it is that is standing in front of, you. And the world of travel. So good luck on your endeavors.

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