Looney Tunes Boston US Map & Phone & Address

Looney Tunes Boston US Map & Phone & Address

1106 Boylston St. Boston; (617) 247-2238

1001 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge; (617) 876-5624

Here’s another large selection of used albums, tapes, and CDs. The main store is located near the Berklee music school; and so, in addition to lots of rock and pop, Looney Tunes has a healthy offering of classical music at both stores. Most LPs are $2 to $5; cassettes, $3 to $5; CDs, $5 to $10. Check out the bargain section, where records are 990, tapes are $1.49, and CDs are just $4.99 or even less.

Not to mention used videos for $2 to $10 hundreds of ’em. Open daily until 9 p.M. in Boston, til 11 P.M. in Harvard Square.

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