Amanzoe – Porto Heli, Greece Reviews

Amanzoe – Porto Heli, Greece Reviews

A few impressions before starting my grand tour. Amanzoe is one of the most phenomenal resorts that I have ever visited in my life. Amanzoe is just over two hours by car from Athens. You can also get there by helicopter (25 min) or hydrofoil (2 hours). Amanzoe is located on Greece’s Peloponnese peninsula. According to ancient Greek mythology, this is the place where the Gods walked the earth. ila is a region rich in history nearby (e.g. Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus). Tour of the PHENOMENAL lobby Linked via colonnades, these are the most impressive public areas I have ever seen. Linked via colonnades, these are the most impressive public hotel areas I have ever seen. Amanzoe derives its name from two words. The Sanskrit word for peace, ‘aman’, and the Greek word for life, ‘zoe’.

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Amanzoe derives its name from two words. Steps lead to a marble welcome area. From here, a water pond extends all the way to a fabulous sunset terrace (shown later). Amanzoe is built like a modern-day Acropolis. The ultraluxe hotel is designed by renowned American architect Ed Tuttle. Ed Tuttle has created other Aman hotels as well. Amanpuri (Phuket), Amanjiwo (Java), and Amandayang (China) to name a few. Amanzoe is inspired by classical Greek architecture. It features soaring ceilings, giant pillars, majestic colonnades, and marble-clad hallways. The hotel design is incredible. I have never been more impressed by a hotel’s architecture than at Amanzoe. The interiors are sleek, serene and minimalist… Aman pure sang. Amanzoe features a maze of colonnades. It’s fun to get lost while exploring the grandiose hotel grounds and pavilions. The enormous complex may feel overwhelming at first. The layout is quite convenient though once you know your way.

The public areas are built around a long water pole The accommodations (shown later) are set below the lobby on the lower part. The accommodations (shown later) are set below the lobby on the lower part of the hill. Gardens & courtyards flank Amanzoe’s pavilions. You need at least a few days to explore all the corners of the hotel. This is Amanzoe’s library. The cathedral-esque, two-story marble library is an architectural marvel. Can you believe that this is still a hotel? Amanzoe is built on a scale that will wow even the most discerning guests. All Aman properties feature a library. Amanzoe’s library offers more than 1000 books in several languages. Aman is the world’s most exclusive hotel brand. The brand was founded in 1988 by Adrian Zecha. The first Aman resort was built in Phuket (Thailand).

Named Amanpuri, the exclusive sanctuary became instantly popular among the jetset. Currently, Aman manages more than 30 hotels worldwide. The group continues to add awe-inspiring destinations to its portfolio. I’m very much looking forward to their Los Cabos resort. The property, named Amanvari, will open in 2020. Aman hotels are renowned for space and privacy too. They are meticulously designed to frame their natural and cultural settings’. Which one is your favorite Aman? Leave a comment. My favorites are Amanoi (Vietnam), Aman Tokyo (Japan) and … Amanzoe :-). This colonnade leads to Amanzoe’s main bar. The bar is open from morning till evening. The bar features wraparound floor-to-ceiling doors. These open to the elements during summer. The cocktail menu is inspired by the Greek Gods. Cocktails are infused with local herbs and aromatics. The bar has several fireplaces. This is a cozy feature in the cooler months. Amanzoe was almost fully booked during my visit.

I posted at a moment that there were no guests around so as not to disturb them 🙂. From here, you get a good overview of the public areas and how impressive. A bridge connects the bar to the main restaurant.. m onoge connects one oar io me main restaurant. From here, you get a good overview of the public areas and how impressive they are. The temple-like buildings are jaw droppingly . The complex is so striking it would have made the Greek Gods proud :-). This is Amanzoe’s AMAZING main terrace. This is Amazon’s main restaurant. It is open for breakfast and dinner. Amanzoe also has two other restaurants:. One near the main pool and one at the beach club (both shown later). Food at Amanzoe is delicious (as you would expect). I’ll show some breakfast & dinner dishes at the end of this post. The restaurant opens to another colonnade. This walkway leads to the lobby area where I started this tour. Sorry for all my turns :-).

I just want to show as many impressions as impossible. Have you ever stayed at an Aman resort?. If yes, please share your experience in the comment section. I admit that I am a HUGE fan of the Aman brand. People of my kind like to call themselves ‘Aman Junkies’. Aman Junkies are not always ultra-wealthy people. I would rather spend my money on 2 nights in Aman than 2 weeks in another hotel. From the lobby, stairs lead to another part of the resort. Here, you find the leisure facilities (spa, main pool, and fitness center). Walking through the property feels like a privilege. The design of the blinding white pavilions is reminiscent of a modern art museum. This is the entrance to the light-filled spa. The spa is inspired by the holistic healings of Hippocrates. The spa features an extensive wellness menu. Treatments combine ancient Greek beauty rituals with Asian techniques. The spa features nine treatment suites. Five indoor and two outdoor spa spaces, a Watsu pool and a manicure studio. I highly recommend booking a spa treatment here. Amanzoe regularly hosts internationally renowned wellness therapists.

Time And booking a spa treatment here anzoe regularly hosts internationally renowned wellness therapists. A tree lined path leads from the spa to the main pool area. The pool area is located atop a majestic staircase. Amanzoe features works of art throughout the property, even inside thea’tooommodatjons. The resort als features some more pools at its beach club. This is Amazon’s main pool with a wraparound. The resort als features some more pools at its beach club. The pool is overlooked by a casual restaurant. The restaurant is open daily for lunch. The menu focuses strongly on local Greek cuisine Dishes include mezze, lamb and shellfish. At night, this venue is transformed into ‘Nama’ Nama offers sophisticated Japanese fine dining3013. The pool is 25 m (82 ft) long It is lined with green marble. It’s always very quiet here. Most guests either stay at their villa or flock to the beach club. The Yoga studio offers stunning views of rollingTii Body alignment and breath awareness are the focus of the yoga practice . An amphitheatre is located below the yoga studio.

This is a great setting for hosting a private event and full-moon yoga sessions. Some more impressions of Amanzoe’s public areas. I was (and still am) totally blown away by the astonishing design and decor. The accommodations are set below the lobby complex. There are 38 freestanding one-bedroom pavilions scattered throughout the property. Amanzoe als features a couple of multi-bedroom villas. These are great when you are traveling with a larger group or family. I stayed in this pavilion during my visit to the Room category: pool pavilion. Entrance is via a Mediterranean stone-walled ga Drawing on classic Greek architecture, the pavilion features sleek aesthetics. Drawing on classic Greek architecture, the pavilion features a sleek aesthetic. Non-alcoholic drinks are complimentary. The pavilion features a high-ceilinged living area. A sofa, chaise lounge and relaxing chair are arranged around a coffee table. The living area connects to a marble alcove.

The alcove houses the bedroom with a heavenly king-sized bed. The pavilion is crafted from natural materials. This includes local marble, oak wood and rustic stone. THE SPA. Amanzoe’s wellness facility features seven treatment rooms, a Watsu pool, a fully equipped gym and Pilates studio, a yoga studio, a mani/pedi studio, male and female changing rooms with steam rooms and a cold plunge The Spa is located across from the front desk. Please dial “4” for an appointment. A detailed Spa menu is situated next to the bedside table.

YOGA & PILATES & STRETCHING. Group classes are held throughout the week. A detailed schedule will be In your pavilion.. Private classes may also be arranged..

BICYCLE SHARING. Our bicycles are made available for shared use to our guests on a communal short term basis. The main purpose our bike share program is that it allows guests to depart from point and arrive at point “B” free from the worries of ownership Please share the bikes with other guests, and where we have placed bike racks, please use them freely The nde to out Beach Club is 4.8 km downhill from the resort. A shuttle is available for your way back to the resort.

BOUTIQUE Adjacent to the Library is the Boutique which offers a selection of jewelry, art work, leather goods, resort wear and accessories, all by Greek designers.

On our two floodlit hardcourt courts, we can organize private lessons, group lessons, clinics, or even player match ups. Complimentary rackets, balls, and shoes are provided, if required.

YOUTH CENTER Visit the Youth Center and discover more about Greek mythology. Located in the Peloponnese. Amanzoe site has a nch history of culture, civilization and gods. An extensive youth program is also available all the Youth Center and can be customized for your family. There is also a Screening room where you can view movies in the comfort of your private cinema.

HIKES In not that a far distance from the resort you will find hikes for all ages and levels.

MEETING ROOM. Amanzoo also has meeting facilities that are suitable for business and social events. Please contact the Guests Assistant Agents for more information and an inspection.

CHARITY Amanzoe supports CREATE, a nonprofit organization that helps children in need in Greece The Acropolis postcard box, one of CREAID’S initiatives. It you would like to contribute to their cause kindly contact the Guest Assistants. More information on the resort and its faculties are Included in the compendium in your Pavilion and all of the Amanzoe team is available to assist you.. Wo trust you have a very memorable stay at Amanzoo and Its surroundings. Your Amanzoo Family. The sea can be seen in the distance. The higher room categories offer larger pools and better sea views. Part of the terrace is shaded by a pergola. Here, you find a lovely outdoor living area. The pavilion has a palatial bathroom. A large walk-in rain shower and a vast sunken bathtub take center stage in the bathroom.

This postcard holds 100 pictures of the Athens Acropolis with quotes written by Ancient Greek philosophers. It is for you to take home so as to remind you of the Greek spirit and culture.. The box originally was one of CREAID’s initiatives designed for charity purposes. CREAID is a nonprofit organization that helps children in need in Greece.. Another welcome gift. 100 postcards of the Acropolis with quotes written by ancient Greek philosophers. Amanzoe’s beach club is set in a sheltered bay. Complimentary transfers take guests down to the beach in around 10 minutes. Complimentary transfers take guests down to the beach in around 10 minutes. The picturesque bay has a pebbly beach. The waters are crystal clear. Tour of the beach club. The facility features four pools, a casual eatery, bar, water sports club.

Traditional Greek architecture is mixed with modern minimalism and sleek lines. The club features the same decor as the resort. Amanzoe is Aman’s third Mediterranean retreat. It complements Montenegro’s Aman Sveti Stefan and Turkey’s Amanruya 1. The beach club features . The eatery offers a traditional, yet sophisticated Greek Taverna menu. The restaurant is always open for lunch. It also hosts Greek BBQs during the warm summer evenings. There are two lap pools for adults. One of them is heated. There are also two children’s pools. These pools are located at the far end of the beach club (shown later). There are also two children pools.

These pools are located at the far end of the beach club show Jate. This is the most crowded part of the resort. Even when the hotel is full, it’s always quiet here (due to the sheer size of the dgach club). This is the most crowded part of the resort :-). Even when the hotel is full, it’s always quiet here (due to the sheer size of the beach club). The seasonal closure allows for minor renovations. Although the hotel is more than 5 years old, everythings looks brand new. The sheltered bay makes for calm waters.

It’s ideal for all levels of swimming, snorkelling and diving. The beach itself is not privately owned. But since it’s hard to access for outsiders, it feels very private and secluded. The beach is a mix of pebbles and red sand. When you enter the sea, the pebbles give way to a sandy seabed. A few more impressions of the beach club How utterly gorgeous this resort is. These are the two children’s pools. They are set back from the main pools to preserve a tranquil ambience for all guests. This is Amanzoe’s watersports club. Non motorized water sports are offered on a complimentary basis. Amanzoe also offers tours on exclusive yachts. These enable you to explore the island, inlets and towns along this famous coastline.

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