Hey guys what’s up. So. I’m here with my friend Evan Edinger hello we are going to be trying a bunch of candy.

I’m Canadian. I’m American. And we both lived in to the UK.

So we thought, you do a Canadian American. And British candy eating experience let’s do it we’re gonna feel really ill active yes. I apologize the fact that these chocolate bars have been in my luggage they might be a little bit squad we’re gonna give me some melty chocolate it might be melty they might be crushed they’ll still taste like chocolate Oh first off is Canada Canadian chocolate, but Evan, you were in fridge.


I never had any Canadian chocolate my life first off we have coffee Chris it is a coffee flavored chocolate wafer bar okay coffee, it’s not like real coffee. I know there’s not a kind of beneficial wow, this is definitely felt your butt sure thought in just smack me the face of coffee, but let’s just try. And taste chocolate no, it’s coffee.

I like it, but. I’m gonna give it like a four out of five okay, this is a caramel which is a terrible chocolate. I like other, it’s actually split in half raise your butt like just cracked it down the middle fabric oh man okay chocolate.

I feel like, it’s Kara melted. I did a little care melted. I give it a 5 out of 5 really am score bar buttery toffee crunch enrolled.

And robes enriched milk chocolate, it’s a good candy bar to give to your girlfriend if you’re hoping to score what a lot. I’m gonna know what the middle up mmm no smell nice do, you like it Roy huh and. I actually like score bars mmm I’ll give a a 4.

5 out of 5 we leave next up we have Smarties, this is a very very Canadian chocolate they’re like M&Ms right yeah, you like em Thanks oh good two out of five, it’s just M&Ms no no not about it okay, this is Kinder Bueno oh my gosh okay if you know kinder chocolate, this is like a chocolate bar from kinder chocolate, you know kinder eggs oh yeah they’re bands in America yeah they are bad in America. So, this is a milk chocolate covered wafer we like wafers. I can’t wait for, you to open this yeah, but that tastes like straight-up Nutella yeah the crispy crispy outside do we inside yep because Nutella then kinder are both very Roche realize the same company gonna get that a five actually, it’s a five out of five mmm, it’s one of the best young boys next up is, you can’t chocolate flake is one of those ones that makes, you cough when, you eat it.

So dry, it’s the chromeless flake yes milk chocolate open it up does not look delicious to me look at this, this is all important by my. I can see like a chunk of coke all over the bed now -, this is not the best representation of a flake barb -. I’m just not fan with Bob, this is a air rated milk chocolate bar Cheers Boop, it’s weirdly chewy yeah, it’s like pasty yeah lion bar filled wafer with caramel.

And cereals covered with milk chocolate. I do like silly Oh Oh mm-hmm. I feel like a lion bar is a candy bar I’d get if.

I wanted a very cheap thing to eat because, it’s really filling almost like a mixture of like a granola bar, but yeah maybe yeah sugar I’d very useful. And for that. I’m gonna give it a four two point five for lamb caramel which.

I’m assuming is caramel adding to the collection of chocolates just melting in my hand oh my gosh okay come on Oh caramel. And care milk our caramel chocolate bars from Cadbury, but they’re different, this is like a nutty or almost like a butter Scotch coffee 3.54 we’ve got some American candy nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger these are my favorite there’s krispity krunch new peanut buttery home arrows.

So peanut buttery yeah tastes like the score bar that’s probably like the score bar coffee flavor, but, it’s like peanut butter flavor comes to me. I’m gonna give that a five four point five, this is a milky way in England they literally just call the Mars bars. And the Milky Way’s in England are actually three musketeers weird part about lucky ways it is caramely this does look like a mars bar chocolate creamy caramel smooth nuggets tastes exactly like a mars bar it is a mars bar how’s it made by the same company yeah yep, it’s a Ruth Baby Ruth bursting with peanuts rich caramel.

And chewy nougat with four grams of protein yeah yeah, you know okay look at all Henry bars in it is that a Canadian probably the most well renowned American candy bar these Snickers which is caramel, it’s got peanuts nougats got milk chocolate everything could ask for American candy bars are a lot of nuggety, it’s like nuggets peanuts, it’s like all them just look at the inside that’s pretty nice. And boo boo boo that’s just a classic that’s not a Snickers bar really I’ll give it a two point five what yeah. I don’t like Snickers bars what.

I would regard is the most important thing, you can get in your trick-or-treat bag yeah the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. I thought it’d be another how do, you eat your peanut butter cups landraces yeah five, it’s five five. I am.

So full. I talk a lot Chuck. I chalk a lot of chocolate well there’s no conclusion the conclusion is we ate a lot of chocolate my conclusion was the American ones were better no.

I’m all about the Canady ones those are my favorite that, you a billet we’re biased. I know. I feel.

I do feel ill. I didn’t think. I know.

I knew. I was going to yeah that’s, but there, you go if you like this post please give it a thumbs up. And some let me know down below in the comments if you have tried any of these chocolate bars.

And or which ones are your favorite chocolate bars even if they’re not listed here there’s not Reese’s. I don’t want to know No so. I do.

So please hahaha no thank you so much Evan for joining me on this Academy AGGA 3 candy that’s true. I just had Evan you’re on make a post.

I said no she said free candy. And went where is this post pretty much, but yeah check Evernote I’ll leave this stuff down below if you want to see him not eat can, you thank, you for reading I’ll see, you get a good day time with another post that’s not this post bye. So today we’re doing a bit of an experiment, it’s one thing Vancouver 8 noble Vancouver is that there’s like a million.

So much broader GoPros. And we’re gonna go on foot. And see how many we can hit in the downtown core.

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