Are There Any Disadvantages To Boat Clubs?

Boat clubs have been giving members the dream of having access to boats for a while now. They have become quite popular in recent years, especially for those that desire a better way to hit the water.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Boat Clubs? Photo Gallery

Owning a boat can be quite cumbersome. If you don’t have any place to keep it, you’ll need to rent a slip and pay annual dues. If anything goes wrong with the boat, you’ll have to repair it or end up with a big piece of scrap metal in your yard. Every aspect of owning a boat is one you; it can get expensive and zap the job out of boating altogether. With boat clubs, there are none of these hassles.

Carefree Boat Club Danvers is the premier boat club of choice in Massachusetts. With membership to this boat club, you get everything you can imagine to take your boating experience to the next level. Instead of only having one place to choose from or one boat to choose from, you get variety. There are over 70 locations to choose from when you want to reserve a boat and an equally impressive amount of ships to choose from.

The boat club will handle many of the features that those that like boating but don’t want the headache of managing their own boat. You don’t have to pay taxes or insurance, make repairs, pay for storage, cleaning, or towing. Think of the boat club as a timeshare. With the membership, you have access to all the boats in the network. When you would like to use the timeshare you make a reservation. There are almost zero restrictions on when, and Carefree Boat Club allows for unlimited usage, making it one of the best clubs in the US.

While this is a minor perk, but one that should be mentioned, when you arrive at the dock, you’ll find that the boat is fueled and ready to go. There is no having to fuel up before an outing or the added expense to do so.

As far as disadvantages go, there isn’t really. The only instance where you could spend more money than your annual dues is if you were to have an accident. While the boats are insured, the club asks that the members pay the deductible to make the repairs. Considering you get full access to a wide range of vessels, virtually anytime that you’d like, in just about anywhere you would want to go, makes having a membership to a boat club well worth the investment.

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