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TIME OUT It’s a fiveminute stroll along the beach to return to Four Seasons Resort Nevis, where the beach attendant will set up a pair of shaded lounge chairs and order your drinks while you take a dip in the sea.

MONKEY AROUND As the day begins to cool down, head to the Four Seasons golf course to tour the green by cart and learn how Nevisians have long used plants as their pharmacy. Bonus: This is your chance to spy the island’s famed vervet monkeys swinging on the vines in a shaded mango grove.

GREEN FLASH Climb to the roof of Bananas Bistro, up the side of Mount Nevis in the Hamilton Estate. Expect a cross between the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse and a Caribbean speak-easy. The Firefl y Lounge faces directly west and is the best perch for toasting the sunset with a champagne and passion-fruit cocktail. Dine on the open-air terrace below, serenaded by tree frogs. Leave by way of a curving garden path lit by lanterns.

LIME WITH LOCALS On your way home, stop at Lime (it’s beside Sunshine’s, next door to the Four Seasons), often the only nightlife on this quiet island. Friday nights feature a live band followed by a DJ. Saturdays buzz with bingo. True story.

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