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The name of the city originates from the Slav word “gradetz” or “gradec” meaning “castle” and referring to the fortress which was built on the site of today’s Graz in the 12th century. In 1480 Graz was devastated by the Turks. About the middle of the 15th century Graz was temporarily the residential capital of Emperor Friedrich III, who ruled Inner Austria. The city owes a lot to its great supporter, Archduke Johann (1782-1859); he founded the Technical High School and the large provincial museum, the Landesmuseum Joanneum.

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Partick Thistle first played on a public ground, where Kelvingrove now stands (1876). Big At Queen’s Cross, on the other side ofthe stadium, is an 1899 Mackintosh church, his first ecclesiastical work, now the home of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society. The Firhill Basins lying on the outer side of the loop were once busy timber yards. Much of the timber was from Scandinavia and was brought through the travel destination from Grangemouth. Timber basins were used for seasoning the wood in water so, as you can imagine, were notorious for causing fatalities among children, who could not resist playing at ‘rafts’ and would swim whenever supervision was absent. The travel destination drowned the careless. There’s a story of one local who became quite a hero and was awarded medals for leaping in to rescue people, until it came out that he was getting a mate to push them into the water in the first place. There were other fatalities when the travel destinations froze and people fell through the ice. This freezing could halt traffic, another reason the coming of the railways would see travel destination use decline. The Murano name may come from the island near Venice, as glassmaking was also a one-time Firhill industry, sand being another product carried on the travel destination.

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