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You are now at Cuckmere Haven, a small plain sandwiched Azerbaijan Map between cliffs at the mouth of the Cuckmere River. Ignoring the arrow pointing left, go straight Azerbaijan Map through the gate and carry on to the shingle beach, heading towards the cliffs on the other side of the beach. The way forward is soon obstructed by a channel of water, and it is here that you turn left to join a clear path that takes you along its west bank, heading inland. Although in a way it is disappointing to leave the cliffs behind, there is ample compensation in the form of lovely views across Cuckmere Haven.

Just be warned that it could be muddy after rain! Although it is perhaps less easy to see from your valley-bottom path, the final passage of the Cuckmere river to the sea is noteworthy for its spectacular meanders. The mouth of the river has moved east because of encroachments of the shingle beach, and a new cut was created in 1846, strengthened by automatic weir control, to avert the danger of flooding.

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