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CONTEMPORARY NOBLE’S ©006801 Morrison Blvd., 704/367-9463,

HOURS: Mon.-Thurs. 6-10 P.M., Fri.-Sat. 6-11 P.M.

With efforts ranging from baking their own organic bread daily to using regionally grown and produced ingredients, Jim Noble’s first restaurant in Charlotte focuses on new Southern cuisine. The open dining area is designed to look like an Italian villa, providing an elegant atmosphere without the stuffiness of some upscale restaurants. A European influence also is noticeable on the menu, from the tomato Provencal filled cannelloni to the grilled Loch Duart salmon. But with shrimp and grits and grilled North Carolinapoulet rouge fermier, Noble’s infuses that taste of Europe with some regional favorites. Noble’s features local farms on its menu, a testament to its commitment to local growers.

1719 The Revolution of 1719 brings the beginning of the end Bakersfield Subway Map of proprietary rule to South Carolina. This is a well-planned and well-executed bloodless Bakersfield Subway Map coup. Dissenters and the Goose Creek men agree to cooperate for the purposes of ending the proprietorship. Although all of the individual proprietors will not be bought out until 1729, 1719 marks the end of their effective rule. In addition, the position of royal governor in South Carolina does not retain much power. Real authority rests instead in the Commons House of Assembly in Charles Town and the Board of Trade in London. 1724 Parliament drops the bounty, or subsidy, it had previously given to Carolina’s producers of naval stores. A year earlier, floods had destroyed a third of the rice crop. These factors, combined with inflation caused by an excess of paper money, produce a minor economic crisis in the colony. 1728 Yellow fever sweeps through Charles Town, adding an epidemiological crisis to an already tense economic and political situation.

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