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The main doors were locked but the curator was fetched to Best cities in China to visit let me in. It was suddenly cool after the fierce heat outside. I was led Best cities in China to visit into a dark corridor and couldn’t see a thing.JThe curator’s voice echoed back and I realised that he’d turned a comer, then I saw light ahead and emerged into the inner hall. Fifty-eight tombs sat on a large dais. These include the tombs of five Abakhajias plus their families and other wise men.
It was late afternoon as our trio headed back. Though nothing obvious had occurred this day, we remained hopeful something would turn up during analysis.

A week passed and our on-site investigation of the Crouch homestead approached. The night before, it stormed, eerily reminiscent of the night before the Crouch murders. Heavy winds, thunder, rain and hail the size of big, fat grapes pelted the ground. Electricity was knocked out, a few homes and cars had been damaged. Though the severe weather was over as we made our way to Spring Arbor, the rain still fell in a steady sheet.

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