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0.0 This hike begins on the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) as it ascends the west side of the Temperance River. Look for old kettles abandoned by the river along the lower portion of the trail.

0.2 Trail intersection with the footbridge over the Temperance River on the right; continue straight ahead hiking up river on the SHT.

0.4 Trail intersection; pass a trail coming in sharply on the left.

0.7 Trail intersection; continue ahead on the SHT passing a cross-country ski trail on the left.

0.8 Trail intersection beginning the circuit portion of this hike.

Bear right to the river’s edge, passing a trail to the left. Continue up river and reenter the forest in about 100 feet. In another 300 feet, with the upper falls of the Temperance River on the right, continue straight ahead past an unmarked trail on the left.

1.1 Cross the Temperance River Road (Forest Road 343) and continue hiking on the SHT. The trail soon begins to ascend a ridge, first moderately and then more steeply.

2.0 A small overlook on the left provides views of the North Shore, including Taconite Harbor to the southeast.

2.7 The trail enters a clearing providing views of the North Shore.

3.1 Trail intersection; leave the SHT, which continues to the right, by turning left on the trail which descends to U.S. Highway 61 along the east side of Cross River. Before continuing the circuit hike, you may want to make the short walk down the SHT to get a close look at Cross River.

3.6 An overlook on the rim of the gorge provides a view of the river far below.

3.7 The river rushes through a narrow gorge.

3.8 Trail intersection at an Adirondack shelter; turn left, leaving the Cross River Trail, and hike east on a cross-country ski trail passing through a forest of white birch, aspen, and balsam fir.

4.6 Trail intersection; bear left passing the trail on the right.

5.3 The trail enters a clearing; bear right across the clearing.

5.5 Temperance River Road; turn right and walk along the road

for about 130 feet before turning left onto a hiking trail. Do not take the gated hiking and skiing trail about 50 feet further on. In about 120 feet, reach the trail intersection along the Temperance River completing the circuit portion of this hike. Turn right on the SHT to return to the trailhead.

5.9 Trail intersection; bear left, staying close to the river, passing the trail on the right.

6.1 Trail intersection at the footbridge over the Temperance River; continue straight ahead.

6.3 Trailhead on U.S. Highway 61.

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