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317 Washington St, Newton; (617) 332-9134 Quietly nestled into a block of sterile Newton Comer office buildings, this tiny watering hole effortlessly bridges the gap between the Boston College co-eds and yuppie professionals who live in the area. We do not serve shots, notes a sign over the bar, adding, We do not accept credit cards. Buff’s maintains a neighborhood feel, and an intense following. Just try getting in on a balmy evening; there’s invariably a line out the door, even on weeknights. A ball game is usually on the tube. And the entire place is smoke-free.

Oh yes, then there’s the food. A thick burger and fries sets you back a mere $4.75; a half-dozen entrees are nearly all priced at $6.95 sirloin

Appetizers, at $4-$6, obviously are not such bargains, although portions are generous. Spicy wings are a longtime fave; chili-filled potato skins are a good value too. Wash ’em down with Bass, Sam Adams, or Guinness on tap.

Buff’s opens for lunch at 11 am. and serves food until 10 or 11 P.M. closing up a bit later. If you arrive before dark, you should be able to get a booth. If not, it’s worth a wait

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