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The native kava party is different from a beer bust. No one gets drunk even though kava is made from the roots of the kava plant and is mildly intoxicating. Women prepare it, men drink it. Visitors are not overly impressed with the drink since it looks like old dishwater and is slightly astringent. Custom decrees that no one at a kava party gets drunk or displays anger.

Tongans living abroad have had their share of adjustments to make. A large number have settled in Salt Lake City. The Wall Street Journal reported that a Tongan saved up to buy a Shetland pony advertised for sale. The owner asked what he intended to do with the animal. For my son’s birthday, replied the man. And the deal was closed.

The buyer picked up a two-by-four, clubbed the pony to death, dumped the carcass in his pickup truck and drove off. Police later found the pony trussed and roasting in a luau pit. Tongans learned to eat horsemeat from the early European missionaries.

When injury was offered his beloved David, hee would not Best family vacations in USA beare it, though from his owne father. And when they must parte for a season onely Best family vacations in USA , they thought theire heartes would have broake for sorrowe, had not theire affections found vent by abundance of teares. Other instances might be brought to showe the nature of this affection; as of Ruthe and Naomi, and many others; but this truthe is cleared enough. If any shall object that it is not possible that love shall be bred or upheld without hope of requitall, it is graunted; but that is not our cause; for this love is allwayes under reward. It never gives, but it allwayes receives with advantage; First in regard that among the members of the same body, love and affection are reciprocall in a most equall and sweete kinde of commerce.

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