Best places to visit in Hawaii

Hawaii is the one state in the Union where Caucasians, the Haoles, are a minority. Nearly two-thirds of the population of about one million are of Asian, Polynesian, or Pacific descent.

The population is young, 50 percent under 28.3 years of age in 1977, and racially diversified, with 29 percent of the total being the product of mixed marriages. Everyone in Hawaii is a member of a minority. Hawaii’s ethnic groups are: Caucasian 26.2 percent; Japanese 25.2 percent; Filipino 9.7 percent; Hawaiian and part-Hawaiian 19.7 percent; Chinese 4.2 percent; Korean 1.1 percent; Negro 1.1 percent; Samoan 0.9 percent; Puerto Ricans 0.6 percent; mixed (except part-Hawaiian) 10.2 percent; and other groups 1.0 percent.

Hawaii’s balmy climate is close to ideal for those who like the tropics. Variations in temperature and rainfall depend more on location than season. Mountain tops and the windward sides of islands are wet, the leeward sides comparatively dry.

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