It’s day five here in Alaska, and we are gonna be doing a big hike today mm-hmm. So we’re gonna go into the tonality National Park where we are camping at the moment am i doing the hardest hike you can do also I got a mozzie bite right on the middle of my forehead today that’s always great last time we went camping I got a giant bite on my lip it went huge this time on my forehead they like biting my face. But we’re doing this mount Healey trail okay. So you take the tiger trail it meets up with the Mount Healey trail to give us probably to do five four or five hours I think we’re climbing to the top of that mountain, and it’s a four-hour round trip it just started we’re already behind we’re currently making our way to the Mount Healey trail, and that’s the mountain my climbing not Healey I’ve already puffed out, and not even on the mountain trail yes. So it’s a little bit hard to pack for this type of weather in terms of hiking. Because it’s freezing cold at the bottom.


But now they were our body is moving, and heating up. Because Hansie get hot. So in front gonna take some clothes off. But as soon as we get to the top of the mountain probably gonna get cold again when we’re looking at the views all right. So that’s the mountain climbing, and yeah try to show you as far. So that’s where we are gonna be working our way up please take mine noe that high feeling it is steep high yeah guys I think that’s the top amazing view is incredible sorry whether you guys ever come to Denali uh-huh it’s tough. But it is so worth it did it, and betrayal how long do I get it took us like two hours, and it is very steep just had some lunch, and the views are incredible I think is the best views I’ve seen well it’s all one of announcer you agree uh-huh it’s so beautiful down there feel like, I’m in Norway you’re like Switzerland kind of, and as you were coming up there was some army like an army team was training. Because apparently the landscape is very similar to Afghanistan not the weather like the mountains at all they made us look bad. Because they’re running, and struggling. So nice such worth the walk, and now we’re going up even higher just to check out the views up there would you better go alright I don’t know where Tommy is taking us my body was like I made it if not ready for more well we are ready for more. So we’re gonna head back down it’s been about 30 minutes we’ve moved from that – yeah we take away Jemaine that’s the view we’ve come all the way down so much easy walking down then walking back up it looks way bigger in person, and that camera showing some of the best views I’ve ever seen we just stopped off at a place. So people could go grab some beers, and also hello sorry, and also there’s a couple of gift stores. So we’re gonna go check that out as well I guess that the second scent can you with the 49 state Brewing Company in this just out of where we were before in Denali Park Denali Park yeah.

So we’re coming up for dinner I don’t know what we’re gonna have the famous for anything. But the reason we’re here is if you’ve seen that movie into the wild which we have. But we need to see it the the bus from the movie is here. So it’s about this guy that went out into the wilderness, and then I think you just like to live off berries no no no he I think he like drove really far in this van for then no no dude no spoilers yeah anyway I think he got the story wrong a little bit there this is a van they use in the movie. So it’s not the original van. But that is the van he they used in the movie I love seeing movie props those the photos he took there’s the actual van the Magic Bus oh it seemed thanks for reading guys I hope you enjoy today sorry about the noise I’ve just snuck into the bathroom. Because everyone is sleeping at the campsite.

But thanks again for reading, and we’ll see you tomorrow for some more Alaskan adventures bye guys.

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