Funny little birdie it’s going morning bird hello oh hey Peter gun guys it’s raining this morning it’s so yucky weather hey guys this probably the latest we started the post had a bit of a work day today. But we do have something exciting tonight we’re going to a big kahuna Lua. So we get to see some hula dancers some fire show eat some good food, and they should be picking us up in about 15 minutes it’s a luau it’s a luau hmm you listen to the walk the walk it’s a little well we just went through all our coins, and we realized we have enough for a coffee get excited we just got back from the luau lots of fun they had some activities set up before.

BIG KAHUNA LUAU Oahu – Hawaii USA Photo Gallery

So we were able to make these little cool like lei bracelets learn how to do your we learned how to do some dancing they also make this these really cool headbands leaves yeah love all the dancing five shows do now which is really um it was a really good night yeah it was really nice he liked setting a really nice location Hamas’s are really cool as, I’m sure you just saw the fall fire dancing in the hoola voice is really good thanks for reading tonight guys yeah thumbs up, and we’ll see you tomorrow all right good night guys bye.

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