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In this post, I want to give you a look and comparison of the different holiday destinations in Lanzarote so you can pick the right one for YOUR holiday in Lanzarote. The closest destination from the airport of Lanzarote is Matagorda. This is a small resort with just a few hotels and bungalow complexes on the outskirts of Puerto del Carmen. In the center and close to the beach you have most of the bars, restaurants and a few shops as well. Everything in this resort is within walking distance. If you want a bigger selection of bars and restaurants or maybe even some clubbing, the resort of Puerto del Carmen is also within walking distance. Puerto del Carmen is one of the bigger holiday destinations in Lanzarote and most likely also one of the best known.

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It’s close to the airport so with a very short transfer before you make it to your hotel or apartment. There are several beaches here but the most popular is the Playa Grande beach in the middle of the resort. This is also where you will find most of the places to eat and drink. A bit further down from here there is also a large shopping center and the harbour area with an even larger selection of restaurants. The harbour area is also where I like to eat as it is generally a bit more quiet and less busy then the main strip next to the beach. When booking a hotel in this area, pay a bit of attention where it is located as it might be far from the beach and also know that many places on some websites will mention they are in Puerto del Carmen while they actually might be in Matagorda about 5km from the harbour of Puerto del Carmen. So keep that in mind. Next up is Puerto Calero, a bit of a strange place. It’s all about quiet and relaxation in this area. There is also only a 2 real hotels, the rest is residential in this area.

Near the port you will find all the restaurants and shops. Playa Blanca is another great holiday destination in Lanzarote further to the South. It’s similar in size to Puerto del Carmen but very different in others ways. While Puerto del Carmen feels more like a town with hotels mixed in, Playa Blanca has just a small town core with huge hotels all around. In size, there are many huge hotels here compared to Puerto del Carmen that has more smaller and compact complexes. Also when it comes to beaches, in Puerto del Carmen pretty much the entire front line is beach, while here the are 2 artificially made smaller beaches in Playa Blanca. These 2 beaches are very nice as well, just keep it in mind, that if you like to go to the beach on your holiday, you check that your hotel is actually near a beach. Playa Blanca also has a big harbour area where you will find markets, many upscale restaurants and some lounge clubs. With descent shoes all of this is within walking distance from anywhere in the resort. If you want the big and modern, I would say Playa Blanca might be a good choice for you. while on the other side if you want the more cosy, homey, townish feel Puerto del Carmen might the right choice for you.

A mix and combination of these 2 (Puerto del Carmen and Playa Blanca) would be Costa Teguise. It has many beaches spread on its coastline, all of them nice sandy beaches, a pretty cosy townish feel but with a large choice of some bigger type hotels. In the daytime you will find most people here spread out over the beaches all over the resort while in the evening all of them come together in the Pueblo Marinero area in the center where most of the restaurants and bars are. Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote. Unlike the capitals of Tenerife and Gran Canaria by example, Arrecife is not very cultural or geared towards tourist for that reason. It’s also for that reason it’s cheap to stay, eat or drink. It’s just a city like many others, however it has a good beach, the Playa del Reducto and a great hotel, the Arrecife Gran Hotel & Spa. If you are visiting are staying or visiting Arrecife, consider a visit to the Star City Terrace on the 17th floor that offers some amazing views. If you want to find all my posts covering Lanzarote even more easy, then don’t forget to comment. Hope this post helped you and that you will have a great holiday in Lanzarote!.

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