Boise City Map

Courtesy of T he Doherty Motor Lodge

Yes, a charming town. If only this historic hotel could talk, what would it tell us? It was built in a time when the city was the state’s leader in oil production and much more prosperous. A time when the Mafia and Purple Gang, enjoying luxury and wealth, flocked to the city to conduct their business deals in the shops and hotel.

For decades people have believed there are those from the past who remain at the hotel. Spirits that just won’t leave. We have to wonder if at least one of the spirits isn’t from the murder that occurred in the bar over 75 years ago. Was it a gangland hit or just a crazy drunk?

Could some of the spirits be the Doherty family, family who have passed on but continue to love the hotel in death as much now as they did in life? It could even be the energy of former employees or guests. We were hoping to find out tonight.

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