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Bonjour and welcome to Montreal It’s actually hello in French, because Montreal is very French. We are in French Canada. It’s actually 63% French speaking. We have a lot of history of French and English because we are technically as a country bilingual, but you don’t see it in Western Canada you more so see it in Eastern Canada which I get to experience. Which is awesome. It is my first time. This is the Sommet at Place Ville Marie I was given this bracelet to go up here. And this is the interactive running zone So I click I click. Why isn’t it working? One moment lol Yes, this is making me so hungry right now I am currently joined by m friend Patrick from What’s Up Montreal. Hi. My blog is about Montreal. We feature things to do and see around the city. So if you are coming to Montreal make sure you. check it out before coming here. Montreal was one of the first cities to be founded in Canada and it was founded by the French immigrants In the past when you said I am Canadian, it means I am French Canadian that is how that word came about and now Canadian is everyone who is in Canada Now we are all Canadian Alright, we are exploring Old Town Montreal where we are currently in, which you can tell by the old buildings behind me. Montreal is actually the third oldest city in Canada, or it might be the the second, but its 374 years old, which is very old considering Canada is not that old. I am going to wonder though some of the streets and check out some of the architecture because you don’t really see this in other parts of Canada.

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Maybe Quebec city. And how you can tell is that red sign there So the street signs actually turn to red and they have really cook writing on them. Now you know. It’s actually kind of awesome considering that Canada is actually 149 years old. Think about that. Canada is 149 years old, Montreal is 374 years old Montreal is older than Canada Talking about the French Matt went to Paris. I did go to Paris. And I was just saying that the architecture here is very reminiscent of that, because its all stone buildings and very nice architecture. Although Paris is nicer Not that I don’t like Montreal. (Its nice) Hey Matt, guess what we are going to go do? Something like play cards in a nice safe environment It will be fun, It will be great. You will have the time of your life. What could possibly go wrong? Oh yea, famous last words. One, two, three, go How are you feeling? Not nearly as bad as I thought Waiting was the worst part by far. It was nothing. This coming from a guy who’s afraid of heights. Now the adrenaline is pumping. So not bad for a zipline. Not bad. See I told you. Lets do it again We did it. Oh my, I love this. I want you in my house forever. So that is the mural for the festival. It is also street art festival every partner tells us what they are doing for the festival Every year we bring 20 different artists 10 international artist and 10 local artists.

So we bring in the best of the best to come and paint murals. And we represent street art from all over the world. These are like cushiony pin like look at these that’s crazy. And there is one of my favorite walls from Montreal. He is originally from Florida. We have artists from all over the world. All in this parking lot, which is fantastic Like the world at your fingers. I remember this guy. I don’t know the name of this artist, but when I was in Santiago in the arts district do you remember my Santiago post? This guy. I don’t know this artist, but the same dude. Amazing work. okay, brakes. We are learning. Do you know what we are doing? yea, yea, you were really scarred there. I regret everything. Never really rode a scooter before. Don’t really need a license for it. What’s the worst that could happen. Wee. Slightly terrifying. This is so much fun So right now we are Viewpoint here at Mount Royal which is the central park here in Montreal. Like New York central park Montreal central park which so happens to be on a hill with this amazing view of all of Montreal. And you can see the St Lawrence river. On the far you can actually see New York state. I decided to do an impromptu meetup here in Montreal and I have all these amazing ladies that have come out What is our favorite thing about Montreal or what is your favorite things about travelling in general? These two ladies have started an amazing organization We started an organization to help the impoverished Haitian children of Dominican Republic Sparkes of Hope Summer Camp.

And we run a summer camp for two weeks down there. That is amazing Not what I was doing when I was in grade 9 Hi. I love Montreal because there is always things to do there is always people on the street and its never dead. Its always fun. And I love our outfit. Its really fun and Bohemian. Hi. My favorite thing in Montreal is the summer festivals and everyone is always to happy compared to winter I guess. And Ella, you are from France, so what would you say to French people that are thinking of visiting Montreal? Oh, you should definitely go. They wont feel like they are French people cause there is so many French speaking people here. My favorite thing about Montreal is the definitely food. Because I love the food. What exactly is it, is it poutine or is it something else. Poutine. Oh yes, poutine Candid camera Oh my gosh, that is a lot of shows. Another thing Montreal is very famous for is the Just For Laughs festival or Just For Laughs in general Now the festival itself is actually the largest international comedy festival in the world. And its taking place, right down there. The festival runs about two weeks in July and there are tons of the biggest names in comedy that come in and they do amazing shows and they do hosted line ups where they introduce smaller comedians, and there is also like the off-JFL which is like where comedians go to warm up, plus there is more like quirkier shows. Its just a whole lot of things and I an so excited because I always wanted to come to Just For Laughs because its such a Canadian thing We grew up with gags, we grew up with this comedy world and like some of the best comedians now come from Canada and the are the results of festivals and Just For Laughs and the promotions they get from performing in front of these crazy crowds here at the festival. That is just so exciting and super cool. I am going to give you a taste of what to expect here and we are going to check out shows, and laughing and This is kind of like the main plaza area. As you see it is filled up here and by the food trucks, which are all equally as awesome I don’t know if you can hear, but that was a fantastic show. I would say 80% of those comedians were hilarious. A few weren’t that funny. But I started lol-ing laughing, this guy talked about exo skeletons, oh my There were lots of lol’s. Back stage One day. I shall never perform from here So this is the Netflix after party A few comedians just finished their show. Now they are being bombarded by fans. We are staying far enough away so we are not creepers, but close enough that we can creep.

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