Boston Common Public Garden US Map & Phone & Address

Information, Boston Park Rangers, (617) 635-7389

During good weather, take a stroll through the Common during lunch hour and you’ll see it teeming with people eating, talking, and watching street performers. Explore it on a weekend and find folks playing on its softball diamond and tennis courts, free to the public. Check out the Civil War Memorial. The Public Garden, laced with colorful flower beds, is home to Boston’s famous Swan Boats (see below).

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The war memorial has a truly shockingly long list of names on it. There is a bandstand in the centre of the park and a painted lady fountain (both cast by Kirkintilloch’s Lion Foundry). I’ve also seen the lady in Kirki, and in Tomintoul. The attractive library at the end of the park, right, has an upstairs room with historical displays and information. Further on there is another park for sport, but head back across Burngreen to exit by a modern-style bridge where the Garrel and Ebroch burns meet. Ahead, there’s another bridge with fine old, circular cast iron decoration from which you see the monument to the once-important mining industry. (Something like 4,000 miners lost their jobs locally in the second half of the 20th century.) Kilsyth even had two railway stations. From the monument follow a footpath by the burn (more good railings) to come on a circular stone (seat round it) inscribed ‘and search for minnows in the burn till come the time to home return’ Left is the pedestrianised Main Street, ahead more shops, right, Post Office and cafe. Kilsyth has become a vast sprawl of modern houses yet Main Street has a village air.

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