Boston Public Library US Map & Phone & Address

Boston Public Library US Map & Phone & Address

Copley Square, Boston; (617) 536-5400 Mine loves libraries. First of all, you can borrow books, cassettes, records, and videotapes all free of charge. But the big news at the library is all the other stuff wonderful free events of all kinds.

The BPL’s large Rabb Lecture Hall is the site of free lectures, from The Boston Sports Scene to Images of Violence in Our Society and Planning Your Retirement. The Rabb Lecture Hall is also the place to see movies for free, usually on Monday afternoons and evenings. Each month has a theme; recent series have included a tribute to Frank Capra and movies Made in Massachusetts. The library’s senior citizens club, the Never Too Late Group, also shows weekly films. There are exercise classes, writing workshops, story hours for kids, and book discussion groups. Stop in for a schedule of events.

And, don’t forget the BPL for art! In addition to contemporary painting and photography exhibits in its Great

Hall, venture upstairs in the old building for everything from American artists’ self-portraits to early baseball photos to rare manuscripts. Look for giant murals by John Singer Sargent on the hallway walls. If you want to more fully appreciate the building’s art and architecture, take a tour! See the listing under Walks and Tours. Many of the programs offered at the main BPL are also available at the numerous branches around the city. Call or stop into the one nearest you for more information.

North End, 25 Parmenter St. Boston; (617) 227-8135

South End, 685 Tremont St. Boston; (617) 536-8241

West End, 151 Cambridge St, Boston; (617) 523-3957

Brighton, 40 Academy Hill Rd. Brighton; (617)782-6032.

Faneuil, 419 Faneuil St, Brighton; (617) 782-6705

Charlestown, 179 Main St, Charlestown; (617) 242-1248

Adams Street, 690 Adams St, Dorchester; (617) 436-6900

Codman Square, 690 Washington St, Dorchester, (617) 436-8214

Fields Corner, 1520 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester; (617) 436-2155.

Lower Mills, 27 Richmond St, Dorchester; (617) 298-7841

Mattapan, 10 Hazelton St, Dorchester; (617) 298-9218

Uphams Corner, 500 Columbia Rd. Dorchester; (617) 265-0139

East Boston, 276 Meridian St, East Boston; (617) 569-0271

Orient Heights, 18 Barnes Ave. East Boston; (617) 567-2516

Hyde Park, 35 Harvard Ave Hyde Park; (617) 361-2524

Connolly, 433 Centre St, Jamaica Plain, (617) 522-1960

Jamaica Plain, 12 Sedgwick St. Jamaica Plain; (617) 524-2053

Dudley Street, 65 Warren St, Roxbury; (617)442-6186

Egleston Square, 2044 Columbus Ave. Roxbury; (617) 445-4340

Grove Hall, 5 Crawford St. Roxbury; (617) 427-3337

Parker Hill, 1497 Tremont St, Roxbury; (617) 427-3820

South Boston, 646 East Broadway, South Boston; (617) 268-0180

Washington Village, 1226 Columbia Rd. South Boston; (617) 269-7239

Roslindale, 4238 Washington St, West Roxbury; (617) 323-2343

West Roxbury, 1961 Centre St. West Roxbury; (617) 325-3147.

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