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421 Cambridge St. Allston; (617) 789-5980 Cafe Brazil is a fun, funky, and friendly little place that has been serving up great South American food for several years now. The prices have gone up a bit over the years, with some dinners over Mine’s limit of $10; but the portions are so generous that you’ll probably take some home for leftovers anyway.

Brazilian cuisine is well-seasoned, but not spicy. Dishes of chicken, beef, and fish are flavored with things like cassava root, okra, onions, and garlic. Almost everything is served with rice and black beans. For a good introduction, Mine recommends the Brazil 2001 platter ($9.95) grilled pieces of chicken, beef, and linguica (non-spicy pork sausage) served over a bed of rice and sauteed cabbage. It also includes slices of fried banana and feijao tropeiro (a kind of stuffing made from black beans, cassava meal, bacon, sausage, eggs, garlic and onion).

There are several beef, seafood, and chicken dishes, all from $8.95 to $12.95. Also, there is a vegetarian plate ($8.95) with fresh sauteed veggies, mandioca (cassava fried up like potatoes), fried banana, rice, and beans,

A cheaper way to try these out is to go at lunchtime (11:30 to 4), when exactly the same menu is offered.

The portions are still generous, and the prices are about $3 lower per dish.

At night however, you get the romantic addition of live music, except on Mondays. The lights are low as a guitarist strums and sings the relaxing sound of bossa nova. Makes for a nice date. Open seven days.

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