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181A Harvard Ave. Allston; (617) 782-6455


How can such a large menu come out of such a tiny place? Located a couple of steps down from the avenue, this um, intimate shop boasts one counter, plus four stools at a window. It’s so small, you have to go outside just to change your mind. (Ba-da-bing.) Yet they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner (mostly for take-out of course). Grab an egg, cheese, and ham sandwich on your way to the T just $1.58, on a bagel. Ten different salads ($2.35-$4) span the globe, from Greek to Caesar to Oriental chicken. Individual-sized Boboli pizzas ($4.25) offer a similar range of toppings. Pita sandwiches ($3-$4) favor the Middle East.

Daily specials can be real deals:

On the day Mine visited, they were offering chicken lasagna with soup or a salad, all for $4.45. Plus gourmet coffees, pastries, fruit smoothies, and other healthy stuff. Open daily, from 7 A.M. to 8 P.M.

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