Caffe Italia

The Azzurri, Caff¨ and Sophia Loren. Those three icons of Italian culture its national soccer team, favorite drink and most famous starlet are all given their due at Caffe Italia, a perennial candidate for best coffee in the city. At peak hours a seat is hard to come by and you’ll have to work hard to get the counter-man’s attention. Familes, neighborhood regulars and the odd tourist gather at one of the tables or atop the row of stools. Clusters of of old Italian men take their places at the window seats beneath the fading framed photos of Italian footballers, gesticulating loudly over the latest pink-colored “Gazetta dello Sport”. If you’re there at the right time you’ll encounter the neighborhood phenomenon known as Elvis Italiano. Displayed Behind the glass counter like museum artifacts are imported Italian sweets, shaving cream, aftershave and above it on the wall, the masterpiece. A vintage Brio clock featuring Sophia Loren. And no it’s not for sale.

Caffe Italia Photo Gallery

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