welcome to do start apart LT a road trip part two right Laura a two-part – Kelsey Edition. So right now we have these lovely two buses we have bus number one which is Louise bus which is the happiness left. And then we have Jax’s bus which is the adventure bus.

I’m going to take, you guys on a little tour, but we are taking both these buses up to Lake Tahoe. And we’re going to a bit of camping a bit of like toppling get Franco okay don’t kill right now well, it’s really close good. I’m gonna draw three right.


I know one. I went for the lon all right we got raspy DeeDee this morning, but, this is our campsite for the evening, this is the current Valley Airport was actually literally our live Airport right there and. I heard planes taking off this morning, but we’ve got a, this is our full Caravan yeah bus route number two.

And we have a new car we have three where people join us last night, but yeah, this is a beautiful campground, but it is already super super hot. So California anyways luckily the end goal is a lake. So that should be good.

I’m documenting. So what else dr. Z.

I can’t give a group of bloggers it was like eight people to fill that. And what brings, you to life yeah how many bloggers does it take the clapping says currently on Rouge City Mammoth Hot Springs there’s actually a lot of different Hot Springs down here. And like lakes, but, it’s quite chilly because we are up in the mountains where, this is just simply stunning guys what a spot Mammoth Lakes.

I’m also. So excited for host bring California hub bring black color with some Canadian Hot Springs now it’ll be California Humphrey trying to make some new friends Kristen little thing going back. And forth awhile, but, you got a lot of water fin good.

So and, you actually did a big in offering it was enjoyable. And now it is actually really chilly through a grid head back to buses. And consumer may be another long drive tonight hey Lake Tahoe.

So we arrived really late last night into our accommodation. So you’re just gotten started getting up getting everything sorted. And we are going to go out.

And explore some of these table today. I’m going to go to some viewpoints really sure what. We’ll get up to is alike.

So there’s probably a lot like things to do pop my guess anyways as, you can see behind me, this is the lovely huge vacation rental that we are saying it it is gigantic there are so many rooms, it’s like three stories the kitchen we don’t actually, you lied yet drinks there, this is over there dreams down there ends up here a lot of background we are currently on real um breakfast. So don’t, you guys love summer camp song told, you three lies that.

I forgot your breakfast good. I was. So hungry, but it was great we’ve arrived at Lake Tahoe.

So the Emerald Bay. And we’re kind of a viewpoint overlooking like hopefully a nose down with likely at the waterfalls, you care trying right Josh yeah sorry about that shot. I was bad by Oh all right.

I found ourselves a nice dock here at the lake. And you’re just going to enjoy what’s maybe a little lunch. And it is cooking time.

And we’re doing a little stake in Co Center oh, this is our time okay exactly how many people. I gotcha Jacqueline he’s always been cooking crew, you know we’re just at during with eggplant Samir nothing unusual nothing else seen here, but yes we got a bunch of Sakura : got some vegan skewers. I’ve got.

So soon yeah yeah with the leftover of the marinated barbecue tofu YUM and. I guess some chicken on the ground for the non vegan. And then over here we’re doing some roasted sweet potatoes food Ralphie not to be a wonderful family dinner yes very a big family when we eventually complete it even though, it’s like 9 o’clock what a spread the final four 100 fewer ties again everything turned out pretty well is that first time for a long couple days drive back down to LA Oh.

I’m not a little pit stop on our road trip here at the Mono Lake, this is absolutely beautiful. So gorgeous actually does not remind me of California at all like. I’m looking around and.

I see snow-capped mountains. And like deserts. And weird rock formations.

So. I’m like am. I in California it’s.

So weird because we’re like on the other side of the Yosemite mountains. So everything is. So different than what.

I’m used to seeing when it comes to California water we are we just get a smell of fish. And there’s no shower where we go we can cuddle later right. I don’t think.

I want to anymore basically. I’m not gonna lie that’s just the one thing all right ready 3 2 1 well are, you wine feels great the only thing that’s not lovely is the taste of the world what’s it taste like it tastes like piss oh. So last night we wanted to get as close as possible to LA.

So we decided the best way to do that was to action some that. I at the truck stop since we could all sleep in the buses we have kind of enough room to all sleep in the buses. So that was what we did last night.

So we got there native to the beautiful sounds of trucks running all night. I should hear they’re still running they’re still rubbin or Johnny here nice. And early to get a start on or we both slept on the floor, it’s lovely tale for sick in bed choice we’re on our first stop along the road and, this is Red Rocks State Park beautiful pretty little photo ops.

And photos with the bus well last time we’re going to see the buses where we head into this kinda looks like Mars. I like, you dad not anymore, you know is it hot there’s no water yeah. So Mars yeah well no – pull.

So do we hiked up the Maryland early 20s matter is closed. I think, it’s easier with average my feelings annexes of those who is right. ?

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