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Canada has excellent air, rail and road systems. Major gateway air terminals are at Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto. Toronto experiences the most international air traffic.

Canada, coast to coast, can be enjoyed via the Trans-Canada Highway or by taking VIA Rail. Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Vancouver, B.C., is about three thousand miles. Flying time is seven hours and fifty-five minutes (including one change). Via rail the trip lasts four days and about eighteen hours and covers 3,895 miles. VIA Rail was created in 1977 as a corporation to operate all intercity and transcontinental passenger service previously operated by the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific Railways. It is similar in concept to Amtrak, the semi-public corporation that operates most U.S. train passenger service. The two computer reservation systems are interconnected so that reservations for one can be made by the other. As the transcontinental train rolls across the country the dining car menu reflects the Canadian cuisine. In the East it is solid British entrees like steak-and-kidney pie, plum pudding and tarts. Maritime seafoodslobster, shrimp and codare included. In Quebec there are croissants. Around the Great Lakes there are whitefish and farther west, trout and beef.

From History of Canada: 1765 North Carolina, like other Country colonies, vehemently opposes Canada Subway Map the Stamp Act. At the grassroots level, the Sons of Liberty organize rural resistance. In Canada Subway Map Wilmington, at the end of October, they protest, shouting and drinking toasts to liberty. 1766 The legislature passes an act designating New Bern as the permanent capital of North Carolina. To this point, the assembly had met variously at New Bern, Wilmington, Bath, and Edenton. 1767 Governor William Tryon, with troops, Native Country guides, and interpreters, undertakes an expedition to define the western boundary of North Carolina. The country proves too rugged, and Tryon’s party turns back. In fact, the boundary line has little effect, as hunters, traders, and later farmers cross through Cherokee territory on the way to farmland in Tennessee and Kentucky.

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