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I can play everyone please comment down below, and say Steven go get it busy for a haircut hey guys it’s the next day, and I we weren’t actually going to post today I was gonna have a day off day. But then I got a message from my friend Sam who asked me to come over to go, and help her walk her cat, and I was like I cannot do this without postging it. So, I’m not gonna go to Sara’s house, and walk her cat, and then we’re gonna go to the gym and, I’m gonna take you guys along with me Steven is also here busy at work hence why we weren’t gonna do one today hi cat, I’ll see you later Luna hello thank you do you want to go for a walk a couple of actually.

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So cat colors is this an actual thing that people do yes you want to be a crazy cat lady don’t even go into the park why do you like like what it’s a cat oh I was like oh my god everyone was looking at Oh like a full-on harness yeah otherwise they’re just really had been off oh that’s gay she’s like, I’m nothing like this sorry close to the floor funny thing I’ve ever seen we’re going to the gym you know what we did just before this you’re gonna be jealous what we took Sam’s cat for a walk it really hated it I’ve lost my car, and I can’t just clicking the Bucer, and five minutes later look who I win you were. So cute she’s so cute we’ve come to show you Cleo Sam’s cat all right I think clear, and I’ve decided we want another cat meows Oh like, I’m in love she’s already, and she’s across like, I’m gonna let me put her in a bag I got bag ready let’s do it with the girls we’ve come together again not voting blow away we’ve come down to the beach right it does look like it’s gonna blow away they’ve gone to do a water check. But I have a feeling it’s too cold today how are you guys going how’s your Saturday all right guys let’s go feel the water I have a feeling Claire said it’s cold is it cold that’s called oh my god the top light is so warm, and then the underneath is so cold the Seabreeze was too crazy. So we’ve decided to come home, and dip in the pool I love summer Oh what is up everybody I feel like I haven’t been in the post all day. Because I’ve been working.

But it is now dinnertime well Patti nice southern our family party night what is that that you’ve just ordered this literally is um Wow oh my god bit shocked it’s a cool job it’s Saturday party be gone Jax what one would should we play all of you I got them out of the car what’s your plans for Saturday night sorry we picked up boardgame for the day it’s one of those interactive DVD games, and then she hasn’t played them before I think the series is called atmosphere, and we have the coffee like Egyptian one version of it hasn’t done me a little chill for the night the green guy Hey everybody it is now the next day you know hope you’ve been enjoying the jest taken over the last few days, I’m taking the day off work. Because I need it I’ve been working straightforward, and we come Hilary’s. Because I saw she went to Hilary’s yesterday for a little cheeky burger I was very jealous, and now, I’m gonna come get a coffee, and it is so busy yeah it is a Sunday there’s only like two weeks left until the end of school holidays which means Australia’s out it is 31 degrees the beach is calling everyone dies it is only ten o’clock, and this is just a tiny little beach I couldn’t even imagine what the more popular beaches are like at the moment California came to party they’re not here to party. So it was right yeah like serves us right, I’m gonna miss the color we didn’t go to beat Chuck Pizza Kitchen yeah ceiling fans say hey go we’re gonna be Chuck beat Chuck baby. So busy I ran out of proper classes just look at this line to get in guys, I’m bringing the 90s back I went, and picked up a couple of scrunchies I couldn’t remember the last time I wore scrunchies I think was I said girl who makes them at Hillary’s I got some watermelons I got a couple of pineapples, and I got this like blue, and white one we’re gonna rock the scrunchies this year I think 2018 the year of the scrunchies my goal today is to keep Steven out of the house, and now we’re going on a coastal walk cuz your install it’s been stuck in the house all week. So, I’m like Steven you need vitamin D.

So we quickly went home to have some lunch, and now we’re gonna go on a walk along the beach this is like one of the best things to do I think in Perth in the summer times everything’s peaceful you’re gonna hear the hear the waves crashing, and with all that really nice in Australia. Because if you have a look a feeling, I’m giving you the medium you have a look here Australia is big into conservation. So we’ve got like that is a beachfront beachside house. But we can thank you. But we’ve got like all of this marine protection which you’re not allowed to walk through, and then you’ve got the beach just there which is really nice. Because it would be annoying if you’re walking out in someone’s house is just a bit of the wind as well I think also my goal on this walk is to try find an ice-cream van I don’t even know if there is one. But it’s all I want now I’ve from him promised myself ice cream.

So now I want ice cream living that scrunchy life live a little living that scrunch laughs we walk for 40 minutes. So couldn’t find one. So are hi Can I grab a Oreo McFlurry good thank you that’s good thanks Oh why’d you get sambal mama chess is a machine we like live five minutes away from MCEs, I’m not happy it’s time to put this down I don’t want to put it down Steve it’s so fun putting it up. But I hate putting it down it is such a mission I was to feel a bit secret I asked him too quick the worst part about Christmas is a jam light have fun you just even will appreciate you if you do it now actually break, and you know maybe we will just get anyone’s all probably with that come from I think from a beach walk oh whoops I don’t know if it’s TMI right now oh my gosh I’ve made a great mistake like oh my gosh Steve coastal walks wasn’t a good idea oops guys this is why I can’t follow fashion trends isn’t the long big shirt my mum got this 50 for Christmas. Because she knew it was in fashion. But Stevens just way too short for something like me holding turn around, and I love those type of tops. But it looks like a dress on you Oh either red I feel like I’ve been some spiky you know we’re gonna finish, I’m having an emergency reaction or makeup remover have you never heard of sunstroke from too much Sun look at that eyes oh he’s complaining anyway we’re gonna end the night reading an event all right hello we’re gonna end the night reading unfortunate events we are getting right into this season, I’m enjoying it even if you know the books or don’t know the box, I’m enjoying it anyway we’re gonna end the post here.

So thanks much for reading guys, and we will see you in another post a fly in the nest Wow be gone Jack speak beep gone jack begone Jax.

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