Dunhuang Map

Caves of the Northern Wei dynasty (386-534) Dunhuang lies at 94°38’E and40°09’N in the west of Gansu province, on the famous Silk Road. There are air flights from... Read more

Tianjin Map

Special Self-governing Municipality Altitude: 4m/13ft. Area: 4276sq.km/1651sq. miles Population: 9,280,000 Tianjin lies in the north of China, 137km/85 miles south-east of Beijing, at 117°13’E and 39°09’N. It can... Read more

Jiangsu Map

Area: 102,600sq.km/39,600sq. miles Population: 68,440,000. Capital: Nanjing Jiangsu extends along the east coast of China, around the lower course of the Changjiang. It lies between 116°21′-121°54’E and 30°46′-35°08’N.... Read more

Tibet Map

Tibetan The Tibetan Plateau, Central Asia’s great massif is subject to continuing movements from the Alpine-Himalayan mountain formation phases in the south. Positioned at an altitude of between... Read more

Xi’an Map

Altitude: 412m/1352ft. Area: 861sq.km/332sq. miles Population: 2,280,000 (conurbation 3,010,000) Xi’an is situated in central China, between the Weihe river in the north and the Qinling Mountains in the... Read more

Asia map for travel

This struggle for political ideals quickly degenerated into political extremism and civil war. A least a million Chinese lost their lives in the upheaval and innumerable cultural treasures... Read more