China’s Flora and Fauna

General China’s many different geological formations, varied river catchment areas and regions with individual micro-climates have, not surprisingly, led to the evolution of a rich flora and fauna.... Read more

China Topography

For a country which extends over 60 lines of longitude and 25 lines of Characteristics latitude, all the geographical features typical of Asia can be found within its... Read more

Shanghai Map

Plant Life Thousands of species of plants live along the banks of the Yangtze River. The golden arch, a rare species of tree, grows in the Yangtze River... Read more

Dalian Map

Middle Course In the middle of its course, the Yangtze River flows through a large plain with many lakes. Before construction of the Three Gorges Dam, this part... Read more

Shenyang Metro Map

Three Gorges Dam Construction of the Three Gorges Dam began in 1994, and the main work was completed by 2008. The dam is more than 600 feet (180... Read more


The People’s Republic of China has become an “in place” to visit. Even the Love Boat made the trip in 1983. China is hurrying to build the facilities... Read more

Harbin Travel

The entrances are flanked by bronze dishes of butterfat and the Harbin Travel stone lions and statues are smeared in fat by pilgrims to show their respect. Several... Read more

China Subway Map

Fly If you’re dreading a long flight in economy but can’t (or won’t) pay for business class, Cathay Pacific’s premium economy offers many of the comforts of business... Read more