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Maurice Utrillo and Lucie Utrillo From Country

On the perimeter of the cemetery is a red granite tomb with a classical statue that holds landscape painter Maurice Utrillo (1883-1955) and Lucie Utrillo, who was also an artist.

Maman-Perdon From Country

A touching bas-relief of Maman-Perdon, who was a nurse during World War I, shows her adorned with her decorations.

Suzanne Grandais From Country

A bas-relief of Orpheus and Eurydice adorns the original grave (she was later moved but is still in the same division) of Suzanne Grandais, also known as Suzanne Gueudret (1893-1920) who was an early silent movie star. She was dubbed the French Mary Pickford. Grandais died accidentally while filming a movie.

Also worthy of a visit are Marcel Carne (1906-1996) who directed the 1945 movie Children of Paradise, which usually appears on list of the best movies of all time, and the Art Nouveau painter Steinlen (1859-1923), whose illustrations of Montmartre are recognized the world over.

The monument to Candido de Faria (1849-1911) is often covered with ivy. On the upper right of the monument is a cameo of him Faria was a Brazillian-born illustrator, cartoonist, painter and poster artist who is credited with creating the first movie poster and went on to make a number of posters for Pathe.

Following the excitement of the Great Awakening, student-administration relations only worsened. Unconnected disciplinary infractions slowly escalated into a series of riots in the 1750s, as the authoritarian Clap sought to keep control of a college population expanding faster than the resources necessary to provide for it. In 1764, students poisoned the food at the underfunded commons to protest the bland, repetitive diet of bread, salted pork, and milk. Charlotte Metro Map Poor commons, rising tuition charges, and excessive restrictions on personal liberty fueled rebellions that by the 1760s seemed nearly continuous. In 1766, when two tutors resigned after their windows were smashed and their lives threatened by students angry at maladministration, Clap was finally forced to leave. The college nearly closed while the trustees scrambled to restore order.

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