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When they have been grazing for a few weeks their humps China vs norway holiday may start to grow fat and sit upright. Two of the females had fluffy baby camels China vs norway holiday ; they stood gawking and terrified by-the sight of our bus which trundled slowly along with its roof-tarpaulin flapping in the wind. The road went into a gorge and out on to another plain, bare of vegetation, where windswept cliffs were scored into deep gulleys. The cliffs seemed near then far, changing colour as the sun moved to its zenith. We stopped for lunch in a dusty oasis town where numerous cafes vying for business provided us with a choice of dishes. I chose pilau, the national dish of the Uighurs, a delicious though greasy fry-up of chopped lamb, rice, carrots, onions, sultanas, raisins and spices.

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