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Only antiques made since the mid-19th c. may be exported. These must be marked with a red wax seal and be accompanied by a certificate and a written export- permit. The state-run Friendship Stores issue these as a matter of course.

Until recently only antiques bought in state-run antique stores could be exported. There the prices are set by art experts and the visitor can be sure that they represent the proper value.

The authorities have now opened up antique markets, second-hand stores, etc. to private dealers, but they are still only allowed to sell items of a later provenance. If you do buy from them there is no guarantee that you are getting proper value for money northat an export licence will be granted in due course.

In any case be sure to keep the receipt.

See also Business Hours, Customs Regulations, Shopping and Souvenirs.

Bath Houses

Since bathrooms are a rarity in China, even in new buildings, every block of housing traditionally has its public baths. These cost very little by Western standards.

Xing Hua Yuan Xing Hua Yuan bath house in Beijing is much more expensive and conbath house sequently especially popular with China’s upper echelons. It has a range of jacuzzis, saunas, steam rooms and rest rooms where visitors can relax in aromatic baths and sip tea, coffee or rice wine.

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