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So I walked to the road and eventually got a lift Jingzhou Map in a minibus carrying a group of Hong Kong tourists to spend a night at a Tibetan Jingzhou Map tented camp near the western end of the lake. They said that if I chipped in with their expenses I would be welcome to join their tour. I agreed, mainly because I didn’t want to get out again into the rain. At the camp we were installed in a large and luxurious colourful tent, specially made for tourists. Silky hangings are all very well, but not like yak wool when it comes to keeping out the rain. Water leaked in on to the bedding.

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Within the landscape of the Tollway all of the artworks produce for the passing motorist the possibility for conscious and imaginative interpretation whereby they may engage, feel, concoct, reflect upon and/or dismiss the relationship between the artwork and the geography. They can be considered affective markers of place that assist in the re-imagining of the Tollway as a road space containing dynamic, contingent and topological assemblages of cars, bodies and varied surroundings embedded with thoughts, atmospheres, senses, presences and feelings (Merriman 2004), distinctly non-utilitarian or banal. Amplifying Reed’s observation is the notion that the components of the Tollway, including, the public artworks, are experienced in cinematic terms, notably those of framing, sequencing, editing, unusual juxtapositions and montage, changing pace, unexplained events and sights and so on, all of which is induced by the speeding kinematic nature of driving.

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