Sights and Attractions in Turkey


Ahi Elevan Mosque; Alaaddin Mosque (12th c.); Aslanhane Mosque (Ankara’s biggest mosque); Ataturk’s Mausoleum (the best-known building in the city); Haci Bayra Mosque (15th c.); Hisar – an old fortification, towering above the old town (excellent view of the old part); Roman baths (3rd c.); Roman remnants (Julian’s Column, Augustus Temple). Outskirts: Gavurkalesi (The Castle of infidels), dating from the Hittite imperial period, 60 km southwest of Ankara, near Hymana. Gordion, the capital of the Kingdom of Phrygia (94 km from Ankara), Bogazkale, the Hittite Capital of Hattusas, 180 km east of Ankara. Pessinus: The Phrygian cult-center, 150 km from Ankara. gean lurkey: ihe shores of the Turkish Aegean offer one of the most beautiful sceneries in Turkey. The coastline is magnificently formed, lapped by crystal-clear waters of the blue sea and studdled with numerous large and beautiful beaches, rocky shores and wooded hillsides with idyllic fishing hamlets, smart holiday villages and uncountable ruins of ancient civilization. The heir to more than five thousand years of history, culture and myth, this region offers a complete range of accomodations to suite every taste. The Turkish Riviera: Encompassing what in ancient times was known as Lycia, the stretch of coast is extending west from Antalya to the Aegean, referred to as the Turkish Riviera’ ‘ where the precipitous cliffs and steep shores of the rock.

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