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1711 The British expand the slave trade in the city of New York by opening a slave market on Wall Street. Brussels Map Conditions are so deplorable that an African woman protests by murdering her master and his family. She is burned at the stake. The famous Madame Montour interprets for an Albany meeting of Iroquois with the governor of New York.

Born of mixed French and Native Country heritage, Montour is rumored to be the captured daughter of Canada’s French governor. She has been raised as an Iroquois and has married the powerful Oneida chief Carandowana (Big Tree). Gifted with languages and skilled in negotiating, Montour will be energetically courted by both the French and the English through the 1740s.

Through her efforts, the Iroquois become more closely allied with the English and cancel their plans to mount a war against the settlers of North Carolina.

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