The Rathskeller US Map & Phone & Address

528 Commonwealth Ave. Boston; (617)536-2750

It’s probably safe to say that the Rat is Kenmore Square, as much as anything is. Two floors showcase live bands desperately seeking recording contracts. Downstairs has music every night, and on Friday and Saturday nights there are bands upstairs as well. Covers range from $4 to $7. Shows start at 9 p.m. Good barbecue until 10 P.M. too.

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Early the next century Rome withdrew from Scotland, back onto the Tyne-Solway line, and a decade later the Emperor Hadrian decided a definite defence line was needed, and commanded the building of the wall that bears his name. His successor a decade later decided to re-invade Scotland, a project undertaken in ad 140 by the governor Urbicus – and so, a couple of years later, we had the Antonine Wall, which followed the line of Agricola’s forts. Indeed, several of the new forts lie on top of the earlier defences. The Wall was held for a decade, then about ad 165, the Antonine Wall was finally abandoned for good. Three legions, about 8,000 men, were stationed on the Wall. Rome’s waxing and waning fortunes led to their eventual departure from British shores, but that is another story. In this section, three sites within walking distance of the travel destination are described. Watling Lodge (reached from Lock 16) Watling Lodge offers one of the finest sections of Roman ditch on the Wall, still showing the deep V nature of this defensive feature. (Elsewhere the ditch is often much filled in and can be boggy.) With a wall on the south side of the ditch we can envisage just how formidable a barrier the Romans created.

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