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Nearby can be seen theformer headquarters of the military government during the 1911 uprising.

Mount Hongshan Mount Hongshan lies east of Yellow Crane Tower. Its temples, pagodas, caves and rocks combine to make it an interesting place to visit.

Special mention must be made of Baoting Si Temple on the southern slope of the mountain, the seven-storey, 43m/140ft high Lingji Ta Pagoda which dates back to the Tang period (618-907), and the 11m/36ft high Xingfusi Ta Pagoda (1270) on the western slope. Also of interest is the Tomb of Shi Yang, one of the leaders of the Great Strike of February 7th 1923, who was arrested that same day and executed a few days later. When the tomb was moved here in 1953 a monument was erected over it. East Lake East Lake is miles in area and-as its name suggests – lies (Donghu) in the east of Wuhan. Indented with numerous small bays, the lake is also embellished with bridges, pavilions and villas.

This museum on the west bank of East lake documents the history and revolutionary background of Hubei province. Of particular interest are the burial objects which were found in 1978 in the grave of a nobleman who died in 433 b.c. Mention should also be made of a bianzhong, a “glockenspiel” with 65 bells of various sizes on a wooden frame; visitors can hear a tape-recording of it being played.

In this hall, built of wood and stone, there is a tea-room and a restaurant.

In front of the Strolling and Reciting Pavilion, which can be reached by means of a bridge leading from the bank of the lake, stands a statue of the poet Qu Yuan (c. 332 b.c. to a.d. 295). The pavilion is of three storeys and nearly 23m/75ft high.

Paintings and seals are displayed in the Lakeside Gallery. Nearby stands the Qu Yuan Memorial Hall.

There is a tea-house in Changtian Luo, to the north.

On the Hill ofthe Nine Heroines on the north-west bank of East Lake will be found the Tomb ofthe Nine Heroines ofthe Taiping kingdom, who in 1855 valiantly defended Wuhan against the Manchurian army and lost their lives in doing so. They were interred by the populace, and their tomb was rebuilt after 1949.

Lake Scenery Pavilion is 19m/62ft high and stands on a small island in the lake. It provides a beautiful view.

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