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Founded from the overflow of the Santa Maria de Fe mission in 1698, at its peak Santa Rosa de Lima was home to over 4,000 inhabitants. Before it burned down in the late 1880’s, Santa Rosa’s ornately decorated church was renowned as the most impressive in all the Jesuit missions. Fortunately the numerous remaining structures surrounding the main plaza are in remarkably good shape. Among the is a building unique to the Jesuit ruins as a whole – the Chapel of Loreto, beautifully decorated with original frescoes. The church’s original bell tower, which survived the fire, still stands, as well. A great number of the original casa de indios (indigenous dwellings) surrounding the plaza are in surprisingly good condition. The long exterior corridor running down their length is known by the community as La Acera. Recent additions to Santa Rosa’s historic center are the stone sculptures in the main plaza. These include the quirky Fuente de los Reducidos, several small sculpted animals, and a fountain featuring a humorous version of the mythical Kurupi (see Meet the Mitos), complete with water spouting from his infamously well-endowed nether regions.

Museo Oratorio de Nuestra Senora de Loreto

The town’s Jesuit museum is located in the small Capilla de Loreto chapel next to the (new) church. The chapel is unique to all the Jesuit ruins and a beautiful legacy of the artistic sensibilities of the missions as a whole. From the outside the small unassuming chapel appears to be simple colonial house. Closer inspection reveals intricately carved double doors and wooden window frames, hinting

at the artistic treasures inside. The frescoes that survive within adorn the entirety of the small chapel, depicting angels moving the Virgin Mary’s house in Nazareth to Loreto, the last Judgment, and St. Joseph in his workshop. Dozens of painted bright stars scattered across a deep blue night sky adorn the chapel’s wooden ceiling. Also of incredible value is the collection of statues housed in the museum. Among these are what is known as the Annunciation collection made up of the statues of the Archangel Gabriel, La Piedad, the Virgin of the Annunciation and the Virgin of Loreto. This group of statues is considered by art scholars to be an exceptionally beautiful example of the art of the Jesuit missions.

Although the main church is no longer in existence the new church does have an ornately decorated altarpiece that was saved from the fire, as well as replicas of Jesuit statues.

Next to the church is the original eight-meter high bell tower built out of red sandstone. Climb the stairs inside for a nice view of the town plaza and resist the temptation to ring the bells at the top.

Tel: 0858 285 221, Avda. Florida between Presidente Franco and General Diaz (hard to miss as it s right next to the large brick bell tower), across from the main plaza. Entrance to the museum and bell tower is managed by the personnel of the church whose office is located between the church and the museum. Mon-Sat 7:30am-11:30am, 2:30pm-6:00pm – There is no fee although donations to the parish are encouraged Getting There

Santa Rosa is located two kilometers down a left-hand (if coming from Asuncion) turn off at approximately km 246 of Route 1. Local buses to Santa Rosa run throughout the day along Route 1 from San Ignacio and can be caught both in town or at the crossroads to Santa Maria. The San Juan runs twice daily from Asuncion for Gs. 28,000.

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